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Who is nominated for best actor in the nomination list of 2019 golden image award

On February 12, the list of nominations for the 2019 golden Video Awards was announced: Zhuang Wenqiang's "unparalleled" was shortlisted as the best director, best film and best male and female host, leading the list of 17 nominations, becoming the most nominated film in the 38th Hong Kong Golden Video Awards.

Unparalleled broke the 16 nomination records of four films: crouching tiger, hidden dragon, Infernal Affairs, Kung Fu and siege in October. In addition, Zhou Runfa and Guo Fucheng were both shortlisted for the best male host with unparalleled, competing for the film emperor with Wu Zhenyu, Huang Qiusheng and Jiang Haowen; Zhang Jingchu, Cai Zhuoyan, Zeng MEIHUIZI, Yu Xiangning, crisel consunji, etc. compete for the film queen.

2019 golden statue award nomination list announced

Nomination for best actor: Uncle countercurrent by Wu Zhenyu; The fallen man by Huang Qiusheng; Unparalleled by Zhou Runfa; Guo Fucheng's unparalleled; Cui Si by Jiang Haowen

Nomination for Best Actress: Sanfu by Zeng MEIHUIZI; Cai Zhuoyan's non discrimination of mature women; Yu Xiangning's extraordinary; Unparalleled by Zhang Jingchu; Crisel consunji, the fallen

Best picture nominations: Sanfu, operation Red Sea, fallen man, uncle countercurrent and unparalleled.