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How much is a cherry? What's going on? How much is a cherry

The new year is coming soon. Before the new year, every family will prepare new year goods, and fruit is also one of the necessary new year goods every year. Recently, there has been a popular saying on the Internet 'to see whether a family has money, it depends on whether his family has a car for new year guests', and even there is a topic about how much a car is on the Internet. What's going on? How much is a cherry? What's the situation? This puzzles many people. The little editor of this article will tell you what it means to say how much a chelizi is.

How much is a cherry? What's the matter

On January 29, a netizen posted his experience of going to the supermarket to buy a chelizi on his microblog and said, "finally know how much a chelizi is!" It can be seen from the picture that the discount premium car Li Zi is 44.8 kg, and it costs 1.25 yuan to buy one. Compared with the price of chelizi, this netizen only bought one chelizi, which attracted everyone's ridicule, 'you'll be beaten if you buy fruit like this!'

Chelizi is known as the diamond in the fruit industry. It is a very delicate fruit. It is not only afraid of heat, dry, water and rubbing, but also very easy to rot and damage. Therefore, it should pay special attention to the transportation process, especially the imported chelizi has to be added with various tariffs, which virtually increases its cost.

Most people choose such expensive cherizi because of its nutritional value.

After learning that a small chelizi would cost 1.25 yuan, many netizens said, "from now on, eat chelizi more carefully and feel every penny with your heart!" Che Lizi's English name is cherry, which is transliterated to treasure. Therefore, chelizi can also represent many beautiful things. For example, it can represent particularly energetic girls and very fresh love. It not only symbolizes love, happiness and sweetness, but also contains the meaning of cherishing.