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Where can Alipay get lucky card?

Where can Alipay get lucky card?

Sihai network: Alipay officially opened the five welfare activities. As in previous years, the five cards can be used to divide up the red packets. This year, cancel the universal card and replace it with the lucky card and the flower card. Then how can Alipay get lucky card? Let's have a look.

Where can I get the lucky card

The official has launched a small prop called "lucky blessing" (SAO Fu or Alipay shop has the opportunity to buy). If you use the blessing, you can randomly copy a friend's fukas.

It is reported that during the period from January 28 to February 4, you can get a zhanfuqi card for the first payment every day, and you can get it in supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, buses and subways.

Before copying a friend's blessing card, you must first make sure that your friend has a dedication blessing or flower card, so that you can randomly draw rare cards.

It is reported that the twelfth lunar month Alipay event was officially launched in 2019 and began in January 25th (twenty), until February 4th. This year, the theme of Alipay's five happy activities is' five seas and four seas passing the blessing year '. Now the latest version of Alipay is opened. There is a new entrance of five FU on the front page of Alipay, and it is collected by sweeping or AR scanning.