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Can sweep out the picture Daquan of professional dedication blessing, and can sweep out the blessing

Of course, the hottest activity in the past two days is the collection of five blessings, but not everyone can collect all the five blessings. The hardest thing to scan is the professional blessings and flower cards. The Xiaobian has collected the pictures of blessings that can scan the professional blessings and flower cards for everyone. Come and scan them quickly!

How can Alipay get the five flower cards?

Flower cards can be obtained through Jifu card channels. Whether they can be obtained or not is random. You can actively participate in jiwufu activities and have the opportunity to obtain them. It is worth mentioning that Alipay flower cards can be given away from each other.

That is to say, the flower card is the same as other five ways of obtaining, and there is no special way to get it. Today, the little buddy can only get lucky cards through AR sweep Fu, ant forest watering and what Alipay friends give each other.

On January 28, we can get the blessing card by answering the planet question, including the flower card.

2019 Alipay collection: