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2019 small Year blessing words Daquan small year circle of friends talk about blessing words summary

2019 small Year blessing words Daquan small year circle of friends talk about blessing words summary the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month (the 24th of the twelfth lunar month in some areas) is a traditional festival in China. Xiaonian is also called sacrifice stove. The beginning of this day also represents the beginning of the Spring Festival. Let's take a look at Xiaonian's circle of friends and talk about how to make it.

1. The new year is coming. How can we not get blessings? I wish you great happiness, lots of good luck and high happiness. Pack together, mail with laughter and decorate with happiness. Happy New Year!

2. With the happy new year, the kitchen god and the God of wealth come to forget the busy and sad, let the joy surround you, laugh on New Year's Eve and Spring Festival, and how wonderful it is to have a happy reunion. Friends bless you to report for duty: May you have fun in the new year!

3. Flowers bloom and fade, another year; The clouds are rolling and comfortable, and the year comes; Farewell to the old and welcome the new, happiness shrouded; Buy new year's products with beautiful spirit; Cleaning, happiness around; Happy new year to your family!

4. The snow is floating and the chill is pretty. It's the end of the year; People laugh and make fun, and the new year comes; Buy new year goods, good career, step by step; Welcome Kitchen God, be friendly and happy; Set off firecrackers, enter Yuanbao, and the God of wealth smiles; When the new year comes, may you be happy and carefree!

5. When the new year comes, the blessing should be early. Pour a cup of happiness wine, send a happy word, and hold a happy heart. I wish you a happy, happy, happy, sweet and healthy new year.

6. When the new year comes, clean and tidy inside and outside; Offering sugar to the stove is sweet; Pray to the kitchen god for peace; I hope my relatives will come back and celebrate the new year; Happy and reunited; Prosperous financial resources and career; Family happiness, wish; Happy new year, my best wishes.

7. Carry a bottle of greetings, put two plates of concern, pour three lights of understanding, surround friends from all directions, invite five confidants, call six relatives to get together, talk about the seven-year itch, talk about prestige in all directions, hope to return to one in nine, and celebrate perfection. Friends, happy new year.

8. On the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the kitchen god reported peace. Chickens, ducks, fish and meat were served on the table. Men, women, old and young smiled. Cut window flowers and paste couplets. It's the new year in a few days. Send a text message to send blessings and open the door to welcome financial resources in the coming year.

9. Paint the decadent mental pressure, wipe off the busy bursts of fatigue, and clean up the depressed things. Friends, Xiaonian, clean our hearts a little. I wish you a happy new year.

10. Use auspicious red paper to wrap a red envelope of good luck; Brew a bottle of sweet red wine with a comfortable mood; With the happiness of reunion, round a warm little year; Send a beautiful wish with sincere blessing; Friends, I wish you a happy New Year reunion, happiness, warmth and constant company!

11. I don't give gifts during the Spring Festival. I send you a windup text message. Health and happiness are always with you, and good luck is not separated from you.

12. The 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, also known as the lunar new year, is the day when folk sacrifice stoves. Is your pot ready? I've been hungry for a year. I've been young for a year. I owe a year's meal. Should I invite it

13. After the 23rd sacrifice, the child clapped and laughed. The new year will come in five or six days. The evil ward box plays walnut drops with two shots. The fire rose higher than the sky. Happy New Year

14. The firecrackers of the young year have been sung and are ready for the horse to rise. Ten thousand horses galloped forward with their heads held high. The whole equipment horse gallops through the spring year, everything is ready and sings. Dance and swing the spring tide, only owe Dongfeng Tengda year. I wish you a happy and busy New Year!

15. When the new year comes, I am busy, cleaning the windows, sweeping the floor and cleaning the walls. Inside and outside the house has changed, clean and happy. Respectfully, the kitchen god sent a blessing star. Welcome the new year with a happy heart and prepare new year goods without panic. I wish you a happy and auspicious New Year!

16. When the new year comes, don't panic, be nervous and orderly, and be busy shopping. Delicious food is indispensable. Chicken, duck, fish and meat are stored in the refrigerator. There are various fruits and wines. Guests are welcome to taste them. Buy beautiful clothes and wear new clothes for the new year. Happy new year, happy life!

17. The buildings and pavilions have a new look, with white walls, green bricks and bright tiles. People in the street wear shiny and beautiful clothes, and girls and boys pair up. Busy streets and alleys, hand-held shoulder shopping busy. The girl was tired and gasped, and the boy shouted loudly. Happy New Year!

18. Leave the old and welcome the new year, clean the windows and floors, and clean the stove. Send the kitchen king to heaven and welcome good luck with many good words. Wash the pots and pans and buy chicken and duck to taste delicious. Wish you a happy New Year!

19. New year's new weather, sweep the floor, clean the windows and wipe the table, and look new inside and outside; Wash the dishes, brush the pot and rub chopsticks. There should be a scene on and under the table; Self-cultivation, hairdressing and dressing are the image of our predecessors. Another hot year, I wish you a happy New Year!

20. Send new year's gifts, pick a happy fruit, add a spoonful of good luck sugar, add a spoonful of healthy water, and have a little peace tone. I hope you can taste the leisurely taste, enjoy the relaxed and graceful feeling, and make your mood natural and unrestrained without noise!

21. When the new year comes, I think there is nothing for you, and I don't intend to give you too much. I only give you 50 million: 10 million happiness! Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Don't forget me!

22. You can't think what you think; There is no shape in clothes; I can't get along with anyone; It's not welcome anywhere; The heart stopped when it was all right.

23. The 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, also known as the lunar new year, is the day when folk sacrifice stoves. Is your pot ready? I've been hungry for a year. I've been young for a year. It's time to invite the meal I owe for a year.

24. Send you a little wish in the new year: May you be in a small mood and become more and more beautiful every year; Small temper, less and less year by year; Little happiness, more and more year by year; Small days, every year is better and better. Happy New Year!

25. The moon is hazy, and every family is ready for the Spring Festival. New Year pictures are full of wealth and value, and Spring Festival couplets are full of health and health. The sound of firecrackers in front of the door is getting louder, and the plum blossoms in the backyard are fragrant. The oil pan is crisp and yellow, and the steamed bread has smelled fragrant. The whole chicken and fish swam in the wind, and the Chinese New Year bacon hung all over the wall. New year's goods filled the whole kitchen and received a basket of blessings. Happy new year, good luck!

26. God said: happiness is to have a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, a person who loves you deeply and a group of trusted friends. You will have all this! Happy New Year!

27. In order to thank you for your care and support over the years, I paid a big reward during the small year! Anyone who has a certain position in my heart will get a small New Year SMS worth RMB 10 cents provided by me

28. Happy New Year! Send you a good mood -- no matter how much water there is in the sea, how great the mountains are, how many legs there are spiders, how hot the pepper is, no matter how ghost bin Laden is, how tired the United States is, in short, you are the most beautiful, happy and never regret!

29. When the new year comes, you should eat and drink. Don't put things in your heart; Soak in the bath and look at the watch, comfortable every second is a second; More sweet than bitter, life is like a five flavor jujube; A good mood is the most important, happy and carefree! Happy New Year!

30. It's really lively when the new year comes. I wish you a happy new year and a happy new year.