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Time and live address of the 2019 Asian Cup semi-final Japan vs Iran on January 28

At present, after the quarter finals of the 2019 Asian Cup are all played, the top four are released. In the first half of the semi-finals, Japan and Iran compete with each other, while in the second half of the semi-finals, there is a civil war in Western Asia. The host United Arab Emirates plays against the Qatar youth army, fighting for two finals.

Asian Cup semi-final schedule on January 28

Japan vs Iran

Time: 22:00 Beijing time, January 28

Live address:

Highlights of the competition:

Japan has won the Asian Cup four times and Iran has won the cup three times, but Iran's last Title dates back to 1976.

Japan's five games in this Asian Cup were all a small victory over its opponents with a goal advantage. Iran had not lost a goal in the previous five games, and after entering the knockout game, it successively eliminated Oman and China with 2-0 and 3-0, which is the most powerful team so far.

Battle history:

The last time the two sides met in the Asian Cup was back in 2004. In the group stage, the two sides shook hands and made peace 0-0. Then, in the world preliminaries in 2005, the two sides won one 2-1 victory respectively. The most recent battle took place in 2015, and the two teams drew 1-1. In the last four contests, the two sides were equally divided. The Persian cavalry met the Japanese samurai, which was very interesting.

Attachment: semi final match

22:00, January 28, Japan vs Iran (AIN Ben Zayed Stadium)

22:00 on January 29 UAE vs Qatar (Abu Dhabi bin Zayed Stadium)