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2019 pig year wechat blessing words collection 2019 pig year classic blessing words summary

2019 pig year wechat blessing words collection 2019 pig year classic blessing words summary the Spring Festival of the year of the pig in 2019 is coming. The Spring Festival is a happy festival with new blessings. How can relatives and friends send blessings to each other? The following Xiaobian has sorted out some wechat blessings, hoping to help you.

1. When the year of the pig comes, I wish you happy and carefree: more laughter and less trouble; More money, less irritability; More young, less old; More happiness, less trouble. Happy New Year!

2. First serve a dish, someone loves it every day; Put on a glass of wine, money every day; Add a bowl of rice, the truth will never change; A glass of water after dinner will make life sweet forever; Blessings are precious. New year is for you. The year of the pig is auspicious.

3. I send good luck to you in the new year. I wish you peace, health, happiness, warmth, happiness, wealth and auspiciousness, enter the year of the pig and spend every day happily!

4. Sincere wishes come late on the second day of the new year. May every day of the New Year be bathed in the sunshine of happiness, happiness, good luck, success, health and success!

5. One is one, the other is two. Today's blessing has a taste: don't rush early, don't be late, and pay New Year's greetings on the second day of the new year; With happiness and good luck, the annual salary of the pig should be doubled; Blessings, really wonderful, I wish you happiness and flowers bloom.

6, the new year's firecrackers awesome, open to you little thoughts, blessings of the blessings sprinkle into your world; The greetings of the Spring Festival are all over the ground, wrapped my heavy heart, and entrusted the SMS in my mobile phone to deliver it to you; Happy Spring Festival!

7. On the day of gathering, a cup of pure strong wine is full of flowing Acacia; New year's bell, a string of brilliant fireworks, write down joy and harmony; Warm SMS, just 70 words, convey infinite friendship. Happy New Year!

18. When the new year comes, I make a wish for you: when it's cold, someone will send warmth without fear of cold; When hungry, some people don't worry about delivering food; When it is difficult, someone reaches out to support; When you are lonely, someone will accompany you. Wish you happy every day!

19. When the Spring Festival comes, thousands of family members. The beautiful scenery is. Fireworks bloom, music is the center, and Meirui spits out a sweet smell and is invincible. The tide sails stretch before the wedding, and the shore broad willow newcomer Kangtai. Happy New Year!

20. When the Spring Festival comes, blessings from all sides come together. Happiness comes from the East, happiness comes from the west, health from the south, peace from the north, luck from the top, success from the bottom, friendship from the left and love from the right. Blessings have gathered. All your Spring Festival wishes come into effect. Remember to be happy.

21. Fireworks brighten the night sky and illuminate the future; Dumplings wrap happiness and eat good luck; Citrus sweet life, auspicious omen; Simple SMS, carrying good wishes, I wish all the best in the year of the pig!

22. On the Spring Festival couplets, the Spring Festival Gala has not been broadcast, the new year's Eve dinner has been on the table, the family is reunited, Ruilong looks up and the firecrackers have not sounded. Good luck has gathered to you. My blessing comes first. I wish the whole family a happy year of the pig!

23. Good luck is the leader, happiness is the dragon's beard, Ruyi is the dragon's eye, Fulu is the dragon's horn, health is the dragon's body and peace is the dragon's tail. Ruilong dances. I wish the year of the pig a smooth dragon!

24. The Dragon King, Longyan Dayue, found that you are the dragon among people. You have the spirit of doing things and talking. According to the paternity test, you are indeed the son and grandson of the dragon. I wish you a happy little dragon in the year of the pig!

25. Shenzhou 8 flies into the sky to welcome the golden dragon to the earth, bring auspicious wishes, and integrate happiness into the heart: first, I wish my friend a safe year of the pig; Second, I wish my friends and families a reunion; Third, I wish my friends happiness and longevity. Good luck in the year of the pig.

26. Open the door and set off firecrackers. Good luck smiles at us; Dumplings in the pot are fragrant, healthy, safe and happy; Stop to enjoy the Spring Festival couplets, the money is rolling, and the luck is prosperous; Looking forward to the new year, the Dragon leaps and the sheep shines!

27. There are many blessings, happiness, everything is round, smiling and sweet, plain sailing, two dragons take off, Sanyang Kaitai, four seasons peace, five blessings, six or six Dashun, seven stars shine, all directions come to wealth, nine or nine are united, perfect! Happy Spring Festival!

28. Shake off the fatigue of a year, harvest and sweat. Applause and flowers are empty, and full steps are the most valuable. Light concerns always follow, and the changing past cannot be traced. The new year is coming. May you always be happy and have a beautiful life in the coming year!

29. I wish you (inhale) smooth sailing, two dragons take off, Sanyang Kaitai, four seasons, peace, five blessings, six, six, seven stars shine high, all directions come to wealth, nine, nine, nine, one, perfect, Pepsi prospers, thousands of things, good luck and all the best! Good luck in the New Year!

30. At the beginning of the new year, I wish good things for two consecutive years. I feel like spring in four seasons. Life is 5 colors, 6 colors and 7 colors. Occasionally, I have a small fortune at 8 o'clock, and my troubles are thrown out of the clouds! Please accept my 10 heart 10 meaning blessing. Happy New Year!

31. Good luck on the first day of the Lunar New Year: Southwest xishen; Zhengxi God of wealth; Northwest noble God. Pay attention to relax yourself, adjust your mood and return to nature. I wish you the wind and the rain. At this time every year and now every year!

32. On the first day of the lunar new year, I will pay New Year's greetings: first, I will pay tribute to the good luck of every year, second, I will pay tribute to the full hall of gold and silver, third, I will pay tribute to both blessing and wealth, fourth, I will pay tribute to the joy around you, fifth, I will walk like a wild goose, and sixth, everything will be smooth and natural. Will you give me a red envelope?

33. The new year is very lively. The sunrise and auspicious clouds float in the sky. The air is fresher in spring. Firecrackers sound and play happily. The table is full of delicious food to celebrate the reunion. The auspicious day of the coming year is as happy as an immortal! Text message to you to wish you a happy New Year!

34. Pick a thousand stars to illuminate your future; Plant a thousand roses to intoxicate your mood; Fold a thousand paper cranes and let your joy fly; Find a thousand reasons to make you happy and peaceful; Say a thousand sentences. I wish you a happy Spring Festival reunion!

35. The family is harmonious, happy in a year, happy in a life, peaceful and safe in a lifetime, energetic every day, happy every month, and rich every year. I wish you a happy New Year!