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What are the Japanese and Korean dramas to be broadcast this year? Recommendation of the most antici

TV dramas are one of the favorite TV programs in people's daily life. TV dramas in different countries have different shooting styles and show the cultural characteristics of different countries. Japanese and Korean drama, as a TV drama category loved by the majority of the audience, the most attractive point should be idol drama, high beauty, romantic and aesthetic reasons. In recent years, suspense, fantasy and other elements in Japanese and Korean dramas have also attracted the attention of the audience. What exciting Japanese and Korean dramas will be released in 2019? This article brings you the recommendation of Japanese and Korean dramas to be released in 2019.

Asda Chronicle

Starring: Song Zhongji / Jin Zhiyuan / Zhang Dongjian / Jin Yubin

Type: plot

Broadcast time: 2019

Broadcasting platform: TVN TV station

Synopsis: this TV play is song Zhongji's first work released after his marriage. It is made by 100% shooting in advance. It tells the fantasy TV play of ancient civilization and the story of establishing an ideal country. Your family's oba is finally coming back. Are you looking forward to it?


Starring: Li Shengji / PEI Xiuzhi

Type: Comedy / action / love

Broadcast time: 2019

Broadcasting platform: SBS TV station

Synopsis: it tells the story of a man caught in the crash of a civil airliner who exposed the huge national corruption in the hidden truth. Start a dangerous and naked adventure story of homeless people who have lost their family, ownership and name, involving subjects rarely covered in existing TV dramas, such as qingwatai, the National Information Institute, weapon lobbyists, mercenaries and so on.

Gambling abyss Season 2

Dubbing: Zaojian Shazhi / Tanaka Meihai / dewu LONGYE / Ruo Jing Youxi

Type: plot / Animation

Broadcast time: January 2019

Broadcasting platform: None

Synopsis: the animation "the abyss of gambling" is adapted from the original work of kawamoto kawamoto and the cartoon work of the same name painted by Shangcun tou. The animation works only appeared in the first season, and also a live action TV series. The overall painting style of animation works is realistic. Because there are many Yan arts that vilify the characters, they are jokingly called "the abyss of Yan arts" by netizens. The story mainly tells the daily stories among students in a school with different levels of gambling ability.

Trace - the man of COSUN research

Starring: kumoto Liang / Yoshiko Shinki / yingichiro Chuanyue

Type: plot / suspense

Broadcast time: January 7, 2019

Broadcast platform: Fuji station

Synopsis: this play is the ninth episode of Fuji Taiyue, which is the first starring role of Jinhu Liang. It is adapted from the cartoon "pursuit clues: the memories of kesun forensic researcher" written by Gu Heqing. It tells the story of kesun forensic researcher masano riji and his colleagues using scientific means to solve the mystery.