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What is the flower card? How do you get the 2019 Alipay flower card?

This year's set of five blessings has a new way to play: flower card. Many people don't know about flower cards. Let's talk about flower cards!

What is a 'flower card'? It is reported that the flower card is used to participate in the lucky draw of returning flowers all year round on New Year's Eve. Users with this card can participate in the lucky draw. The maximum is 48888 yuan, with 2019 copies in total. The prize will be opened at 21:20 on February 4. Friends who haven't finished the flower, does this wave of operation win your heart?

What's the use of Alipay flower cards?

With a flower card, you have the opportunity to draw the annual reward for helping you pay back, up to 48888 yuan

At 21:20 on February 4, 2019 prizes were awarded

Method for obtaining flower card

Flower cards may appear in all places where fuka can be collected

If our friends get additional flower cards, we can ask for flower cards directly through our first interface.

In 2019, the total number of red envelopes collected by Alipay in 2019 was still 500 million, but there were three new ways to play: (January 25th to February 4th, besides AR, there are three new ways to play this year.

Starting in January 25th, we will open up a new version of Alipay and enter the ant forest 'blessing forest' to participate in watering the whole nation. We will have the chance to get luck card. This "blessing forest" will be planted in Inner Mongolia Ke Right Banner.

From January 28, enter the answer planet applet to participate in the answer qualifying. If you beat your opponent, you will have the opportunity to get a Fukuka.

From January 31, open the ant manor, get the floating 'sugar gourd' in the air and feed it to the chickens, and have the opportunity to harvest fuka.

Finally, Alipay official announced a piece of heavy news, click on the back of Fu card can get a five blessing scraper card, scratch a surprise, more balance treasure 1 million annual experience gold, Taobao empty shopping cart super prize and so on.