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These seven behaviors are most likely to cause cancer in life

cancer is a kind of life disease. Many living habits will lead to the gradual deterioration of cell variation, which is the early stage of cancer.

If you have the following habits, you must change them!

1. Love to eat meat dishes, fish and meat

It is understood that regular eating meat, and fat, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and other cancers are directly related. At least 400 grams of vegetables should be eaten every day. For healthy people, the share of eating vegetables and meat should be 4:6 or 3:7.

2. Often stay up late, stay up late for a long time and lack of sleep

Staying up late will induce leukemia, breast cancer and other diseases, and also harm the immune function of the human body, so that patients often have colds and so on. Therefore, it's best to sleep at 12 or even 11 o'clock.

3. Do not like sports

Sitting for a long time, sitting on the sofa as soon as you get off work, and no more activity at weekends, will increase the probability of stomach cancer and colon cancer. Sports ability can enhance physical fitness and immune function.

4. Like to drink hot water and soup

Northerners, especially Henan people, like to drink hot porridge, while southerners like to drink hot tea. And all day long and scalding water, and the incidence of esophageal cancer has a direct relationship. At present, esophageal cancer is the highest incidence cancer in Henan Province, which is the reason.

5. Eating bad food

Many moldy and deteriorated foods, such as peanuts, potatoes and soybeans, contain the strong carcinogen aflatoxin. And broken apples also contain a lot of toxins. So, once the moldy food appears, it's better to throw it away.

6. Smoking and drinking

Cigarette is the first carcinogen in personal life, because one third of cancer is related to smoking. In addition to diet, smoking is the most closely related factor among all kinds of bad living habits. The longer the age of smoking, the more the amount of smoking, the earlier the age of smoking, the higher the mortality of lung cancer. Passive smoking is also prone to lung cancer, especially for teenagers before the age of 18, the impact of passive smoking is relatively greater. There are all kinds of carcinogens in cigarette, benzopyrene is the main carcinogen. Overcooked substances are highly carcinogenic. People who smoke two packs of cigarettes a day are equivalent to 0.5g of toxic substances. Carcinogens can be detected in the urine of smokers.

Drinking alcohol for a long time is easy to cause esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and liver cancer. Some data report that the occurrence of breast cancer is also related to drinking alcohol.

7. Emotional imbalance

In real life, the incidence of malignant lung cancer in some people with long-term emotional problems is indeed higher than that in normal people. A follow-up survey of 100 unhappy and sulky people by Beijing Cancer Research Institute found that they were not only prone to stomach cancer, but also significantly related to other cancers. And modern medicine has confirmed that emotional upset can cause the disorder of human brain nerves, endocrine system and immune mechanism, and can make the original latent malignant cells in human body proliferate to form malignant lung cancer. Some scholars believe that when the human body is in the malignant stimulation of bad mood for a long time, it can directly promote the normal cells to mutate, or even form cancer cells.

In order to keep away from cancer, we should form good habits!