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2019 composition about the Spring Festival primary school students' composition about the Spring Fes

For children, the Spring Festival is not only a holiday, but also a lot of delicious and fun, as well as wearing new clothes and lucky money. So how to write the composition of the Spring Festival? Let's take a look!

Today is new year's Eve. When it comes to the new year, I think of a poem 'happy new year, great reunion on New Year's Eve. My brother set off firecrackers in the yard and my sister used a broom in the house. Grandparents make dumplings, and parents stick couplets. The neighbors say hello and wish each other a new year. " So I got up early and prepared to catch the train to grandma's house in Shenyang. I was very excited at the thought that my relatives I hadn't seen in a year would soon stand in front of me.

As soon as I entered grandma's courtyard, I felt a happy atmosphere. I climbed up the eighth floor panting with big and small bags. Ah! A big blessing was pasted on Grandma's door and almost covered it! It's really festive! I knocked carefully on the door and recalled the prepared message in my heart. When the door opened, I immediately put my hands together in front of my chest and said loudly, 'I wish grandma and grandpa good luck and longevity! Happy New Year! " Grandma and grandpa narrowed their eyes with laughter and said happily, 'OK! OK! Dandan has become a big girl and has grown tall again. She will catch up with us next year! " At this time, the people in the inner room also came out. There were a lot of people. They were all here. Aunt, uncle and sister Jing were all there! Aunt said, 'come on! Come in and get warm! Look at your faces frozen like monkey butts! Wash your dumplings.

well! A bag of dumplings is really interesting. I wear a flower apron like an adult. My dumplings are very characteristic, like a mini yurt. Self made dumplings taste delicious. I've never eaten such delicious dumplings.

After dinner, our family went to set off firecrackers. Let's light some firecrackers first. I've never lit them myself! So this time I want to challenge myself. I step forward carefully and never dare to let go. Finally, I summoned up the courage to point. My heart kept dancing like a little free son. After I lit it, I quickly retreated. Pop! Pop! Pop! At this time, firecrackers kept ringing. At this time, I am very excited. You know, this is my first shot! After that, we ordered fireworks, which was quite spectacular! Light up the whole sky! At this time, I felt the most real taste of happiness. I looked up to the sky, first opened a huge and colorful flower, and then, 'PA' turned into countless stars. I really want it to stay for a little longer. But it doesn't want to be half extinguished and dotted with stars in the sky. Then it falls slowly like a meteor. I involuntarily stretched out my hands to pick it up, but it disappeared in the hazy air as if by magic.

When I got home, I got a red envelope, hey! Even red envelopes are so imposing! The three-dimensional cartoon calf seemed to say to me, 'I wish you a better year of the ox!'

Happy New Year! We can also eat dumplings, shoot and receive red envelopes. XX years have passed. It is XX years that welcome us. We should greet with our best. I hope each of us has a new starting point and new progress in the New Year!