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Tiktok tiktok artifact game called what is the jitter decompression APP play introduction

Tiktok what is the decompression game called "decompression game" Introduction

Four tiktok: now people's life is fast and the pressure is coming. Some of the decompressed games are now popular among users. So what is the game of jitter on the jitter? Let's have a look.

Game name: antistress

There are many kinds of games. The most popular games may be pressing bubbles, driving to cut grass, squeezing toothpaste. Of course, there are other games that you can download to feel for yourself.

Play characteristics

1. There are all kinds of small objects in it

2. Every play is different

3. Click the mobile phone for interesting mobile and drag play

4. At the same time, some also need to shake their mobile phones for games

5. Effectively reduce the pressure of players