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What is the reason of child myopia? How can children use electronic reading devices safely?

What is the cause of myopia in children

Computers, iPads, mobile phones and other electronic reading products are the main culprits. They cause damage to children's eyes in the following aspects:

1. Small screen and small font are the main causes of eye injury. The child's eyes will be close to the screen, which requires the ciliary muscle to be highly contracted and the adjustment range to be increased. Children are in the period of growth and development, and the eye is responsible for regulating the muscle that looks far and near - ciliary muscle strength is strong. When over looking near, especially when using computers and related products for a long time, vision fatigue will occur.

2. Playing the game of picture jumping, sitting on the bumpy car or watching when walking, the damage to the eyes is particularly great. Because of the big picture and the constantly flashing electronic screen, the ciliary muscles of the eyes must move frequently.

3. Too bright and dazzling screen color will increase the intensity of eye work. At the same time, it is also a very strong stimulus to the children's retina, which is easy to cause damage and pathological changes to the retina and macular area, followed by decreased vision and color sensitivity, and even irreversible damage to the children's immature optic nerve.

4. Focusing too much on the screen will significantly reduce the frequency of blinking. Under normal circumstances, the number of blinks of the eyelid is 15-20 times per minute. However, when watching computers and mobile phones, especially playing games with high concentration of mind, the number of blinks can be reduced to 2-3 times. The result of blink reduction is that tears evaporate too much, tear film breaks too fast, the surface of the eyes is not moist and protected. Over time, dry eyes, astringent eyes and other symptoms appear, causing dry eyes.

How to use electronic reading equipment safely?

Although electronic reading products have such great harm, but in some aspects of work, life and learning, we can't avoid the use of them. How to use electronic reading equipment safely?

1. The duration of continuous close gaze should not exceed 30 minutes each time

The national health and Family Planning Commission has issued the technical specifications for children's eye and vision health care. According to the standard, it is suggested to cultivate children's good eye hygiene habits, including correct reading and writing posture, and keep close attention for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

2. It is recommended to operate electronic products for no more than 1 hour per day

The standard points out that the time for preschool children (0-6 years old) to operate electronic video products should not exceed 20 minutes at a time, and the cumulative time per day is recommended not to exceed 1 hour.

3. Adjust the brightness of electronic products to a comfortable level.

4. Keeping about 40-60cm is a suitable reading distance

The distance of using electronic products should also be controlled. When using electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, a reading distance of 40-60 cm is appropriate. When watching TV, it is better to keep a distance of more than 3 meters.

5. Increase outdoor activities

In particular, it is necessary to increase the time of children's physical exercise and outdoor activities, enhance their physique, and improve the regulating power of extraocular muscles and ciliary muscles. Outdoor exercise is the only effective way to prevent myopia.

6. Balanced nutrition

Can eat some fresh vegetables, nutrition should be balanced, do not eat too many snacks, especially sweets and drinks.

Vision decline can't be matched with glasses blindly

For myopia, prevention is important, but it is also important for parents to take measures to deal with it when their children's vision drops.

In the early stage of myopia in our country, children often watch TV, use computer, play mobile phone and so on because of the heavy burden of schoolwork or without restraint. The excessive use of eyes in close distance leads to the pseudomyopia of adjusting tension and spasm of ciliary muscle. At this stage, it is only a functional abnormality, not the lengthening of the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball. At this time, the condition of vision decline can be reversed and cannot be blinded Eye to eye glasses.

The correct way is to go to a regular eye hospital for mydriatic optometry, check out the true diopter of the eyes, and wear glasses reasonably. If the degree of myopia disappears after mydriatic optometry, it means that the child suffers from pseudomyopia. If the degree of myopia decreases after mydriatic optometry, the reduced degree is the degree caused by pseudomyopia.