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The influence of computer cell phone radiation on fetus will cell phone radiation affect fetus?

there are two statements about the effect of computer radiation on the fetus:

Saying 1: long term contact with computers is not conducive to fetal development, pregnant women should stay away from computers.

They believe that the terminal of a computer is a monitor, and its principle is the same as that of a television. When the electron stream emitted by a cathode-ray tube strikes a fluorescent screen, it can be converted into visible light. In this process, harmful X-rays will be produced, but the glass cover outside the VDT can absorb a lot of radiation. In fact, the radiation exposure to the human body is very small. However, there are also low-frequency electromagnetic fields around VDT. In vitro, this electromagnetic field can interfere with cell metabolism and proliferation at the level of cell membrane, thus affecting the normal development of embryo.

However, it is necessary to distinguish ionizing radiation from non ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, must be harmful to humans and embryos. Non ionizing radiation, such as infrared, microwave, radio, video display terminal, and daily electricity use, is still controversial whether the human body has gonadal toxicity, embryotoxicity or teratogenicity. But for the sake of safety, it is not suitable to carry out continuous computer operation for a long time during pregnancy.

Statement 2: computer radiation has no obvious effect on pregnant women and will not affect the fetus.

This side believes that although computer radiation exists objectively, it and electromagnetic pollution are two concepts. Only when it exceeds a certain intensity, it will have a negative effect on the human body. At present, the safety and health standard limit of electromagnetic radiation in China is less than 40 microwatts / square centimeter. As long as the computer is produced by a regular manufacturer, it must pass relevant tests, and generally there is no radiation problem. It also said that the radiation of the computer was lower than that of the color TV. Some people have been using computers for a long time, and have dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. They are worried that it is caused by computer radiation. In fact, it is probably caused by high concentration of mind and too much pressure at work. There are many reasons that affect the pregnancy outcome of women, the most important one is work fatigue and over tension, the computer's extremely low frequency electromagnetic field is only the secondary reason.

In fact, it is not clear in the academic circles about the issue of "the impact of computer radiation on pregnant women", and there is no clear statement that computer radiation will have adverse effects on the fetus. However, based on the mother's self-protection awareness, in order to give the baby a healthy start, many mothers still have to choose to stay away from the computer as far as possible. In addition, sitting in front of the computer in a fixed position for a long time will affect the function of the cardiovascular system and nervous system of pregnant women, and the pelvic floor muscle and levator ani muscle will also suffer from strain and affect the smooth delivery. So pregnant women should not sit for a long time, no matter whether they want to prevent radiation or not, but should ensure proper exercise.

In addition, although the harm of cell phone radiation to human brain is still uncertain, pregnant women should be careful.

Now, let's learn something about radiation.

Where is the radiation?

Analytical electromagnetic radiation

In our daily life, radiation can be divided into two types:

1. Naturally generated radiation. This refers to the radiation naturally existing in human living environment. Including cosmic rays, radiation lines from the earth's surface, radiation lines in the human body, etc. Some of the radiation comes from the sun and other planets, and our bodies also radiate radiation. Natural radiation is harmless to our health.

2. Artificial radiation. This is the radiation produced by human living environment, such as computer radiation, mobile phone radiation, home appliance radiation, medical radiation, and medical radiation. While enjoying the convenience brought by electromagnetic radiation, human beings are constantly following its negative influence.

In China, the natural radiation dose accounts for 81.2% of the radiation dose in the middle of life, while the artificial radiation dose accounts for 18.8%. Therefore, unless it is affected by personal living environment and eating habits, or through long-term contact with certain industrial environment or medical treatment, and suffers from radiation damage day by day, the electromagnetic radiation in general life may not need to be considered. However, women and infants during pregnancy are more vulnerable to the impact and infringement of the external environment due to the changes in the internal environment or the growth and development stage. Therefore, it is beneficial and harmless to grasp some knowledge of radiation prevention in daily life.

Six crimes of electromagnetic radiation

If you are exposed to excessive electromagnetic radiation for a long time, you may have the following symptoms:

1. Skin aging is accelerated.

2. The incidence of various malignant tumors increased.

3. The decrease of sperm activity and number leads to infertility.

4. Good embryo development, high abortion rate and high teratogenesis rate.

5. Decreased resistance and growth retardation.

6. Produce neurasthenia symptoms such as headache, insomnia and rhythm.

Anti radiation strategy of mother to be

The pollution of radiation environment is omnipresent. For mothers to be, radiation is a big enemy to the health of mothers and infants. Next, we will find out the radiation sources hidden in our homes, workplaces and hospitals, and keep a safe distance from them!

Radiation protection at home

In recent years, there is a new term - "radiant house", which makes many families with new fans smell the wind and change the color. According to radiation testing experts, at present, some of the natural decorative stone materials used by residents have radioactive pollution, while many of the building materials, such as coal ash brick and slag brick GRC, which are made of industrial waste residue, have excessive radioactivity. Some of the wallpaper, wall cloth, paint, plastic, board used in home decoration release a large number of harmful gases, resulting in serious indoor air pollution, becoming "radiation house" and "pollution house".

Therefore, no matter whether they buy or rent a house, they should do radiation inspection thoroughly first, try to avoid living in an unhealthy environment. If they can't change their residence, they should measure where the radiation is strongest, shield or adjust the location of furniture, so that the interval between family members contacting radiation materials increases, and the time of receiving radiation decreases.

Workplace radiation protection

Computer -- there are two kinds of computer radiation

1. X-ray radiation of computer screen

This can be prevented by a single fiberglass barrier, or by simply keeping the distance from the computer screen to the keyboard more than 30 cm.

2. Wire coil radiation on the back of the computer

This kind of radiation is harmful, but most people don't work behind the computer. If there is a mother to be working in the computer room, pay attention to avoid working behind the computer as much as possible. Move the orientation of the rear computer to the side, or use a laptop instead.

Mobile phone -- the radiation of mobile phone is also a small one, its effect is not as strong as microwave oven, but it can also cause harm to human body. So it's best for expectant mothers to reduce the chance of using mobile phones, and to make a long story short, also try to avoid hanging mobile phones on their waists. At present, there is still a debate about the issue of "CDMA mobile phone and GSM mobile phone, which is the biggest radiation". Therefore, no matter what kind of mobile phone the mother to be uses, we should try our best to be careful!

Copier - coils, coils, and motors are radiated, so do not operate with your body against or against the copier. In general, 30 cm is the safe distance between the body and the machine. At present, a new type of copier is installed on the chassis with radiation, which is less harmful to the body.

Safe use of mother to be computer cell phone

Pregnant women should not use computers for more than 20 hours a week, leaving 10 minutes an hour.

Pregnant women try to minimize the use of mobile phones.

Pregnant women should also watch less TV, reduce the time of using electrical products, or try to keep a safe interval.

Medical radiation protection

The influence of X-ray radiation on the fetus is more likely to cause embryo deformity, fetal malformation, brain dysplasia, and childhood cancer. But usually in the early stage of pregnancy, exposure to X-rays, more easily cause major harm, the closer to the pre delivery period, the smaller the impact.

According to Li Song, an expert in radiology, if a pregnant woman receives 5 doses of X-ray exposure, it is equivalent to taking 20 abdominal X-rays or 2 times of pelvic computed tomography. In this dose, the chance of fetal director will increase by 40% in the future.

What about an X-ray?

Doctors suggest that unless there is an emergency, women should choose to take X-rays within 10 days from the beginning of menstruation, so that they don't have to worry about taking x-rays after conception.

If a pregnant woman is exposed to X-ray radiation in an unknown state, she should also keep the film record as much as possible, so that the doctor can help you determine the safety of the fetus. Generally during pregnancy, if you only take an abdominal X-ray, it's only about 0.5 of the explosive amount of laser, and the impact on the fetus is not enough to require the pregnant woman to have an induced abortion; but only the chest X-ray or dental X-ray and other trace radiation, the impact on the fetus is even more insignificant.

Therefore, as long as it is not aimed at the abdomen or its surrounding areas of high-dose X-radiation, mothers to be need not worry too much.