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Is it better to travel or have a wedding? Analysis of the advantages of two ways of marriage

With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, many new couples who want to get married now pay more attention to the significance, experience and pleasure of the marriage process, and do not want to be imprisoned by traditional concepts and methods. Therefore, more and more people choose to travel to get married. But in the eyes of the elders, holding a wedding ceremony is an essential part of marriage. Newlyweds and elders hold their own opinions. They all think that their choice of marriage method is better. So which is better, travel marriage or traditional wedding? What are their advantages? This article will analyze the advantages of the two weddings. I hope you can choose your own wedding method after reading it.

Which is better, a travel wedding or a traditional wedding

Travel marriage originated in Europe. It has become popular as a way of wedding in recent years, giving people a very novel and romantic feeling. The concept of travel marriage has spread to the thoughts of young Chinese couples and aroused a lot of resonance. Many people have summarized many benefits of travel marriage and expressed their dissatisfaction with the stereotype of traditional wedding. New ideas once again challenge China's traditional ideas. Who is better? Many couples who are ready to try something new hesitate, which means they want to have both.

In fact, there is no need to tangle like this. The way of wedding should be diversified. Which way to choose will not affect the witness and expression of love. Although the traditional wedding has a long history, isn't the initial purpose just to witness love? And continues to this day, the original appearance of the traditional wedding has also undergone many changes. A wedding contains many modern elements. Why only allow the traditional wedding to change, and do not allow another way to choose a more suitable wedding method? Moreover, travel weddings and traditional weddings can be taken into account under certain conditions. For example, wedding banquets, travel weddings can be simplified and maintained to the most familiar relatives and friends. For example, you can take a photo trip with your wedding dress. All over the world are your wedding venues.

Therefore, the choice of a good wedding depends on your actual situation. If you encounter obstacles, you can communicate with your partner and coordinate with your parents in order to choose the most suitable way for your wedding. Finally, here is a brief summary of the advantages of the two, hoping to help you make a decision.

Advantages of traditional wedding

The wishes of elders

Parents, whether sons or daughters, want to see their children happy and see their children get married with their own eyes, because the elders feel that marriage is just such a once-in-a-lifetime affair. They must not be worse than others and impolite. Therefore, they will pursue the pomp of the wedding. It should be the wish of the elders of the two families to hold a banquet, He worked hard to bring up his children just to see us get married and start a business. Moreover, the elders prefer a noisy wedding, and the relatives and friends they haven't seen for a long time get together. There are many such opportunities in life~

Recover part of the money

Maybe Lou Lou said it too directly, but this is an inevitable thing. The cost of marriage is too large. Even if you don't put a banquet, others will still put a banquet, or every time relatives and friends get married, we can't say that if others invite us, we don't send a piece of money. In that case, we just can't get out of the gift money, It doesn't feel cost-effective~

Wedding is an important certification for both parties

I don't know if you have noticed that some stars get married first and then hold the wedding. Maybe for various reasons, the wedding has been extended for a long time. Just like Lin Zhiying and Chen ruoyi, both have children and get the certificate, but there is no wedding, but no matter how long it is delayed, the wedding is still made up, This is also the same as that Lin Zhiying has consolidated her identity and status. This is his daughter-in-law and his son's mother. In other words, it is also the same with us. We also need to inform our relationship through this wedding. After all, one less wedding will always make people feel a little less. It will also make people feel that the name is not right~

Have your own wedding

Every girl is an angel sent by God, and every girl is also the princess in the hearts of her parents. Since childhood, we will have a princess dream. We hope to appear in front of our beloved at the most beautiful time and tell him that I am willing to be rich and poor. Like Lou Lou's childhood fantasy of a church wedding, there is a real priest who puts GG's and I's hands together. We bring rings to each other in the sound of blessing, and then God will wish us happiness ~ everyone says that women have such a process all their life, a princess of one day, a queen of ten months and a nanny all their life, If you don't cherish the princess's opportunities on this day, you may not have a second chance ~.

Advantages of travel marriage

Save money, trouble and time

For the newlyweds who lack money and time, it takes too much time and energy to hold a complete wedding. They have to find the wedding in the early stage, understand the market price, conceive their own wedding ideas, choose a hotel, consider the price of the hotel, and communicate with the host and wedding planner in combination with the cooperation between the hotel and the wedding, Communicate with the person in charge of the hotel and customize dresses. These things can't be done in a day or two. We also need to prepare all kinds of red envelopes, invitations, inform relatives and friends, arrange guests for the wedding banquet, and buy all kinds of small things. So traveling and getting married is the most efficient choice.

Reduced the cost of honeymoon

Compared with holding a banquet, you must go out for a honeymoon after marriage. Honeymoon is also a cost. If you choose to travel and get married, you can directly take it as a honeymoon trip. You can extend the time a little, but the cost is definitely not as high as holding a banquet and preparing for a honeymoon trip. In this way, I can also accumulate more sweet memories on the way of travel. I'm glad that I have a way to play without pressure~

Reduce disputes between two different ideas

I don't know if you've ever met it. When preparing for the wedding, parents of both sides often disagree. Some people want to choose this hotel and say it's atmospheric, others want to choose this hotel and say it's more economical, etc. ~ in fact, their ideas are for the good of their children, but they can't avoid these problems, So we need to adjust at this time, but we can't guarantee whether we can take both sides into account. This is another nerve racking thing. If we go out to travel and get married, we can completely reduce such disputes, but we will welcome the joint teaching of our elders on both sides, but it doesn't matter, As long as the elders of both sides don't quarrel over the wedding.