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Where is the 2019 Spring Festival self driving tour? Recommended routes, places and playing methods

At the beginning of 2019, the Spring Festival holiday is coming soon, which is also a golden week for tourism. Now people's living conditions are better. The way of celebrating the new year is no longer limited to staying at home and having a rest and visiting relatives. Going out of the house and feeling the festive atmosphere in different places and the great rivers and mountains of the motherland is a way that more people like. So the high-speed free Spring Festival holiday, self driving travel is a good choice, so where is the self driving travel during the Spring Festival holiday? This article will recommend some self driving routes to the southwest. I hope you can have a good time during the Spring Festival.

Self driving location 1: around Chongqing

Route: Chongqing Beibei Hechuan Tongliang Dazu

Spring Festival is a good time to enjoy Chimonanthus chinensis, and Beibei Jingguan is one of the three Chimonanthus chinensis bases in China, mainly planting local unique variety Suxin Chimonanthus chinensis. Its flowers are pure yellow without impurities, strong fragrance and long flowering period. Chimonanthus praecox opens in cold winter with pleasant fragrance. You can start from Jiangbei, go through Yuwu expressway, get off the expressway in Beibei, go to Shuitu Town, and then go to Jingguan to enjoy Chimonanthus.

You can go to the fishing city in Hechuan to enjoy Chimonanthus chinensis. It is the site of the song and Mongolian battlefield. The cliffs are thousands of searches. The ancient city gate and the city wall are magnificent and solid. It is surrounded by Jialing River, Fujiang River and Qujiang River, just like a military pass.

In addition, you can also go to see the famous Dazu stone carvings. It's also good to burn incense and pray for blessings during the new year, and you can also go to Tongliang in the middle. There are many big Buddhist temples here, which are also a good place to pray for blessings, and the hot springs here are also good.

However, there are many places around Chongqing that can be played by car, such as Wulong fairy mountain and Nanchuan Jinfoshan skiing. Xiaobian doesn't recommend them one by one.

Self driving location 2: West Sichuan classic small ring road

Route: Chongqing Chengdu Yingxiu Wolong Siguniangshan Xiaojin Danba Bamei Tagong Xinduqiao Kangding Luding Ya'an Chongqing.

This small self driving ring road in Western Sichuan includes almost all representative scenic spots in Western Sichuan, such as snow mountains, blue sky, valleys, grasslands, blockhouses, Tibetan villages and so on. However, Western Sichuan is cold in winter, so we must pay attention to warmth preservation and safety. This is generally the case for the self driving small loop line in Western Sichuan. However, according to the road conditions, the section from Chengdu to Yingxiu to Wolong to Siguniang mountain can be diverted to Ya'an - Lushan - jiajinshan, or Chengdu - Wenchuan - Lixian - malkang - Jinchuan - Danba; Kangding Luding Ya'an section I can be changed to Kangding yajiageng Moxi Shimian Ya'an or Kangding Luding Shimian, etc. Therefore, we should also look at the local road conditions and make full preparations before departure. After all, although the winter scenery here is beautiful, it is still difficult to drive west Sichuan in winter.

Self driving location 3: Guizhou

Route: Guiyang Anshun Xingyi

The most classic tourist route in Guizhou starts from Guiyang, passes through Anshun, and finally reaches Xingyi for a boutique tour in Guizhou. On this way, you can go to Huaxi Park, Qingyan ancient town, Jiaxiu building, Dragon Palace, Huangguoshu waterfall and Maling River. These places integrate the original natural scenery, profound national culture and long education history. Moreover, it is better to take this route and choose self driving.

Driving location 4: Guangxi

Route: Detian Gulong River Napo Jingxi Baise

It's good to see Detian waterfall in Guangxi. Here you can see transnational Detian waterfall, Heishui River, Shatun cascade waterfall, green island Xingyun, boundary pillar 53 on the Sino Vietnamese border, Guichun boundary river, Tongling Grand Canyon, etc., as well as the highest single-stage waterfall Tongling waterfall in China. And Napo has black clothes Zhuang settlements, nongwen ethnic village, black clothes Zhuang ethnic song and dance performances, etc. you can experience simple rural life here.

Jingxi in Guangxi has the hometown of Chinese Hydrangea, Jiuzhou Hydrangea street and Debao pony, the 'world treasure'. Baise has the former site of the military headquarters of the seventh Red Army of China, East Guangdong guild hall, Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, night tour of Baise pedestrian street, Chengbi lake, boat tour of Songlin Island ethnic village on the lake, etc.

Driving place 5: Yunnan

Route: Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangri La

These places are classic places for tourism in Yunnan. You can take transportation from Chongqing to Kunming, and then rent a car here. The traffic of this line is very developed and the tourism information is very open. Consulting a local person is a good information provider and guide. Moreover, the integration of natural scenery and folk customs fully shows the magic and beauty of Yunnan. For example, Dali has Erhai Lake, Nanzhao style Island, xiaoputuo, Guanyin Pavilion, Cangshan Mountain, qingbixi, Dali ancient city, foreigner street, etc., while Lijiang's Sifang street, Heilongtan, yunshanping, Yulong Snow Mountain, Shuhe and Baisha village are all good.

Self driving location 6: Guizhou and Southwest Guangxi

Route: Chongqing Loushanguan Guiyang Liuzhou Guilin Beihai Nanning Duyun Hongfeng Lake Chongqing

It takes about nine days to start from Chongqing, turn Loushan Pass, go to Guiyang, pass Liuzhou, enter Guilin, go to Beihai, see the beauty of silver beach, then return, enter yaozhai and Miao villages, and finally return to Chongqing through Hongfeng Lake. Although this route takes a long time, you can enjoy a lot of scenery on the way.