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Does the White Snake origin look good? How about the White Snake origin watercress score

We are all familiar with the story of the legend of the White Snake, but the reputation of the animated film white snake has been good since it was released, and the new idea of the story is also commendable. How about the score of watercress in the origin of the white snake? Let's have a look!

White Snake origin watercress score

At present, the score of the film "White Snake: Origin" in Douban is 8.0. Because the film is still being released, this score is still likely to change. However, the reputation and evaluation of the film are very good, and it is expected to become a dark horse in domestic animation films.

White Snake: origin was released on January 11, 2019. Although the early publicity was not strong, many viewers became 'running water' after watching the film. They helped promote the film with word-of-mouth, which shows that the film is really worth seeing. Although the film is based on the IP of white snake, great changes have been made in the plot. Xu Xian and white snake in the Southern Song Dynasty and Xu Xuan and Xiao Bai in the dream back to the Tang Dynasty. A scholar and doctor who is no longer the weak scholar and doctor in everyone's impression has changed into a carefree person, uninhibited and unrestrained. What he holds in his hand is no longer written scriptures, but a pair of fist and foot Kung Fu. Bai Suzhen, the white lady, no longer aims to cultivate immortality and become a Buddha. Instead, she becomes a little white and is ordered to assassinate the evil national teacher. This time, both the special effects and the plot made the audience feel very amazing. Although the film has some defects and the rhythm can be better done, it is still very excellent on the whole. So far, the Douban film has a score of 8.0, becoming the first work with a score of about 8 in 2019.

However, although the word-of-mouth and score of White Snake: origin are very good, the box office situation is not optimistic. A Guoman, with high score and good word-of-mouth, should sell well. However, it is very unexpected that White Snake: origin does not follow this road. The ticket room did not meet the expected expectation. The box office in six days of release was less than 80 million, and it is said that Origin of white snake The cost investment is about 80 million yuan. To recover the cost, the box office needs to reach 250 million yuan, but now the box office is still far away. However, as many people speculate, because many people are willing to contribute their lucky money and choose 10 or even 20 brushes. Although it is about 200 million less than 250 million, there are also crazy recommendations from netizens on major social networking websites Enough to see that this is an excellent work.

Is the White Snake beautiful

No matter from the ratings, netizens' word-of-mouth or the comments of professional film critics, "White Snake: Origin" is not a perfect film, but it still has some shortcomings, but it is indeed a film worth watching.

Although White Snake: origin is based on the legend of the White Snake, it has been adapted to a large extent. The content of the story is very different from the familiar legend of the white snake. It mainly tells the previous life stories of Xu Xian and the white lady At the press conference, director Huang Jiakang said: we are curious about why Bai Suzhen loves a person without hesitation, so we want to know what happened before. This is a very interesting starting point, which is not only the origin of white snake love, but also the origin of the film story. The story background of White Snake origin is the National Teacher (equivalent to the role of Fahai) The snake demon was hunted down in the whole city. At this time, the White Snake Xiaobai and his sister green snake, who had been practicing for 500 years, appeared. Xiaobai was injured and lost his memory in the process of preparing to assassinate the national teacher. Maybe it was a bad fate. After losing his memory, Xiaobai was saved by Xu Xuan, the snake catcher. As usual, Xu Xuan helped Xiaobai find his memory, but fell in love with Xiaobai in the process.

As a Guoman film, although "White Snake: Origin" There are many defects, but I am also a progress for Chinese animation films. In addition to the fascinating love story between white snake and ah Xuan, the picture with great Oriental beauty is also a great attraction. The beautiful and exquisite Chinese style picture, magnificent fighting scenes and unique fantasy and innovative characters in the film make this top-level film Guoman is full of sincerity. In addition, the film is also full of ingenuity in the construction of the scene, especially in the presentation of Baoqing square, a 'goblin Arsenal'. Whether it is a petite evil spirit, a very dramatic double faced old fox, or a square building opened layer by layer and with a unique cave, it is full of Chinese Oriental Fantasy imagination, so this film is basically a movie on the whole It was successful.