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What are the popular elements of clothing in 2019? Analysis of fashion trend in 2019

Fashion trends are always changing. In terms of clothing, the popular elements are different every year, but there are also similar elements or elements used in previous years to this year. Although it is still winter, 2019 has come, and the spring and summer clothes of 2019 have been launched one after another. So what's the fashion trend in 2019? What are the popular elements in 2019? This article brings you the analysis of fashion trend in 2019. Let's have a look.

Analysis of fashion trend in 2019

Flower elements

Flower elements are basically the main melody of spring and summer every year, and 2019 is no surprise.

However, from this year's show, flower patterns tend to be bold and bright large-area printing, and the design also adds a wide shoulder style, which is sexy, strong, immortal and cool! In the past, I always felt that the red and purple prints were not good-looking, but in fact, they were the 'camera King' in the street shooting industry. They were both versatile and white, and there was no need to worry about holding the yellow skin.

The combination of long printed skirt with floating skirt and high-heeled shoes is a symbol of elegant femininity.

Lace element

As the 'shoulder' of the retro world, lace element 2019 can not be absent. Exquisite hollowed out, with bandages, pleats and other elements, take you through romantic France in minutes.

Retro style also has a good partner. Wave point skirt and Mary Jane shoes can be worn with lace.

In addition, it can also deduce the sexy style. The short dress is half covered and half leaked.

Tulle element

Last year, a wave of 'star fever' brought Tulle elements, while this year's dreamy and romantic Tulle upgraded again. In addition to beautiful embroidery, there is also a sense of modeling in tailoring.

Many people think that gauze will make people look bloated, but in fact, gauze skirt is a good hand in hiding meat. Its arms are thick and can be covered with gauze on its shoulders.

Girls with thick legs can use long skirts and high-heeled shoes to show their aura!

Strap element

Although the bandage element was popular last year, compared with the previous sweet style, the bandage element in 2019 is more to emphasize the sense of modeling.

Slogan element

The most basic slogan element will not be out of date one day, because simple phrases have the power of one hit, and can attract the attention of others at once!

Knitwear can also integrate slogan elements into it. It can not only look good, but also reflect your attitude.