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Check the God comments of Netease cloud music in 2018, and each one is striking people's hearts

Netease cloud music is a song listening software that many people like very much. However, on Netease cloud, what attracts people is not only the songs, but also the wonderful music evaluation area. The development of the network provides netizens all over the north and south of the river with the opportunity to talk to each other at a closer distance. In Netease cloud music review area, many people's comments can get tens of thousands of praise, perhaps from personal experience, seeing with their own eyes, or feeling deeply. Their comments can always poke people's hearts. The editor of this article takes stock of the classic God comments on Netease cloud music in 2018. Let's see if there are any that can poke your heart&# 8203;

1. Yes, his happy candy.

----Eason Chan's red rose

Xiaobian: the luckiest thing is that he got married today. The most unfortunate thing is that the bride is not me.

2. Tell your mother I have a house.

----Tian Fuzhen's "don't think of me" Xiaobian: it's a house that has never thought of crushing our love.

3. On a train, the boy sent a microblog with his mobile phone. He wrote on the microblog: 'on the train, I fell in love with her at first sight. For some reason, she kept looking out of the window. " The boy looked at her silently and thought she must not know. After a while, someone replied to him on the microblog: 'because your face is reflected on the glass.'

----Eason Chan "don't talk"

Xiaobian: fate is wonderful.

4. Somehow I remembered a little story I saw on Weibo: at a wedding, a child asked her mother, 'why is the bride's sister crying?' Her mother said, 'maybe she feels very happy. Or maybe he didn't marry the man who wanted to marry at the age of 17. " Few people can understand the dense mind. In the end, I'm afraid I'll only move myself.

----Recklessness by Xie Chunhua

Xiaobian: the first love at the age of 17 must be the most unforgettable relationship in your life.

5. If we can't get married, you can be the best man, because we are on the red carpet together. Later, I thought, if we can't get married, you can smash my field and rob me. I will take off my high heels and elope with you to the end of the world. Later, think about it carefully. Forget it. If we can't get married, don't come. I'm afraid you won't do anything, but raise a glass to wish me happiness.

----You must be happy

Xiaobian: if you are friendly and if you leave, worry about gain and loss.

6. The days without friends are lonely. Many late nights, when poverty, anxiety and fear hit, when I was annihilated by pain and anxiety, and the days were very, very difficult, I always miss my former friends madly. Maybe growing up will always go through a period of days without company.

--Chen Boyu's farewell

Xiaobian: I really want to have another chance to say to those who will not see you in the future: 'long time no see, I'm fine.'

7. You have no intention of passing through the wind, but you lead the mountain torrent.

--I also use coupons to buy Pepper

Xiaobian: if I hadn't met you that day, I think I would be very happy now.

8. 'what is ambiguity?'

'everyone thinks you're together. Only you know your distance clearly.'

--Xu Binglong's "no two ministers"

Xiaobian: Youda above, lovers are not full.

9. The kindergarten boy gave a little girl the lollipop he licked.

The little girl picked up the lollipop and asked, 'what if I get pregnant?'

The little boy said angrily, 'when I was born, the three of us went to kindergarten together.'

This is the most responsible thing I've ever heard.

--Luo Dayou's childhood

Xiaobian: the more mature people are, the more they will speak sweet words, but there is no sincerity when children talk without taboo.

10. The phone rang, showing his name I hadn't seen for many years. Over there, he said, 'I like you. Let's go out.' I thought that years of waiting had finally become a reality. Listening to the phone, it seemed that there were other people's repressed laughter, so I calmly replied, 'OK.' Laughter broke out on the other end of the phone and continued to ask calmly, 'did you choose a big adventure?' The answer at the other end broke through layers of banter: 'no, I chose the truth.'

--Zhang Xinzhe's "theory"

Xiaobian: like will not fade because of time, but like sublimation into love may only need a little courage.