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What's a good gift for old people, lovers and children? Recommended books for all kinds of people

Today is the annual Laba Festival. There is a habit of giving gifts during Chinese New Year holidays. However, with the improvement of people's material living standards, people don't worry about food and clothing on weekdays. What gifts to give has become a difficult problem. Books are people's spiritual food. For people, knowledge is infinite. In the vast ocean of knowledge, people can reap far more benefits than gifts. Therefore, it is also a very good choice to give books as gifts to relatives and friends. However, we should also pay attention to the object of sending books. Different people are suitable for sending different types of books. This article will recommend books suitable for sending elders, lovers and children.

Gifts for elders

Since teaching parents to use wechat, some 'health care articles' with frightening titles often appear in family groups and circles of friends. Under the banner of health preservation, they actually spread some rumors without scientific basis, which not only makes parents panic, but also seriously endangers their health. If you have encountered this situation, the following two books are recommended to you ▼

Nutrition bible

[UK] Patrick & middot; By Horford

Patrick & middot; Horford is the founder of the international society for best nutrition. The nutrition bible is a popular reading of nutrition written by him based on many years of research results. It introduces the nutrition knowledge that everyone should know in easy to understand language, and puts forward feasible suggestions to improve diet for people of different ages and physique. It is of direct help to prevent pain, improve immunity, get rid of sub-health states such as depression and insomnia.

A new start to a healthy life

Harvey & middot; By diamond

It was published in 33 languages and sold more than 12 million copies in the United States.

Through more than 30 years of research, the author found that diseases such as cancer that make people smell pale are not terrible, and can be prevented by changing living habits. The development of the disease will go through seven stages. There is a long time from the first stage to the seventh stage (cancer). As long as we are aware of the signals sent by the body in time and adopt a healthy lifestyle, we can stop the disease and end the pain and discomfort at any time.

Gifts for lovers

Whenever there are festivals, there will be many "straight gifts". It seems that gifts can't escape from lipstick, perfume and flowers. Personally plan a deep free trip to Japan that belongs to you!

Self travel to Japan

Epic works

If you want to travel freely in Japan, this practical strategy book is recommended to you.

The author has traveled all over Japan. The new 4th edition not only introduces the scenic spots, food, transportation and accommodation in Japan, but also adds:

'private house recommendation': recommend food, accommodation and transportation that are cost-effective and can improve the travel experience;

'Japanese bean knowledge': take you to understand the unique culture and habits of Japan, so as to make your travel in Japan more quality;

'four seasons in Japan': through the author's personal experience, I will take you to see Japan from more angles.

Nintendo Philosophy

Inoue Li

Nintendo is still full of vitality after 130 years from a small Solitaire workshop to the overlord of the global game industry. The new generation of game console switch was rated as the first of the 'top ten technology products in 2017' by American Time magazine, ranking higher than apple iphonex.

Why does a century old enterprise always lead the development direction of the world entertainment industry? This book will solve the mystery for you. Boys who play video games every day will like this!

Breakfast today


With 500000 fans, instagram popular blogger @ keiyamazaki's breakfast diary

As long as you leave your bed 20 minutes in advance and prepare a warm breakfast, you can make a beautiful start to a dull day. One or two pieces of bread, smooth milk, soft and tender eggs, coupled with a little colorful vegetables and fruits, the whole family will sit around the table and enjoy such breakfast happily. Happiness will arise spontaneously and bring people full of positive energy.

Give children gifts

After saying so many gifts for adults, children's gifts can't be left behind. I really envy today's children. There are too many interesting books. I sincerely recommend the following three!

Become a real boy

Michelle & middot; Leku

More than 40 small encyclopedias of creative themes and knowledge, highly praised by 10000 + readers, and a complete introduction to the creative adventure of boys who are popular in Europe and America! A book makes boys braver and stronger - learn to survive in the wild, track animal tracks, self-study Morse code, understand constellations and maps, and fully meet children's curiosity & hellip& hellip;

It looks like what boys do. You can also show it to girls!

Become a real girl

Michelle & middot; Leku

More than 40 small encyclopedias of creative themes and knowledge, which are popular in Europe and America! A book makes girls stronger and better -- learn to survive in the wild, understand the four seasons and grains, learn baking and magic, design clothes and accessories, exercise practical ability and enrich life & hellip& hellip; Make girls stronger and better!

Steam Science

Rob & middot; By Betty

Steam science books are popular all over the world. Mobile phones are made into projectors, lollipops build bridges, and lemons turn into Generators & hellip& hellip; 70 interesting experiments that can be done at home, using project exploration and hands-on practice, integrating the knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. There is no need for complex material bags, just use your brain, and the daily necessities everywhere can show their skills and make magical changes.