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2018 personal year-end summary template 2018 year-end summary latest general template

2018 personal year-end summary template 2018 year-end summary latest general template near the end of the year, many friends will write a year-end summary, review their shortcomings in 2018, summarize their experience, and have expectations for the new year's work in 2019. Let's take a look at the template of 2018 personal year-end summary.

[chapter I]

2018 will soon pass. Looking back on the past nearly one year in Hongying real estate, I can't help feeling and sighing. I feel that time is like a fleeting gap. I sigh that I didn't join the company early and will cross the annual threshold in the twinkling of an eye. Looking back, although I didn't achieve any spectacular results in this period of time, But it has also experienced a different test and sharpening than before. I am very grateful to Hongying real estate company for giving me this growth platform, which enables me to continuously learn and make progress in my work, and slowly improve my quality and talents. For nearly half a year, I have always adhered to strict requirements on myself, worked hard, always kept the company system in mind, and tried to do my job well in my ordinary and ordinary job.

Looking back on the past days, hard work is my creed, because I believe that hard work will yield results. After the shutdown and dissolution of the original unit in 2018, I felt the taste of "laid-off" for the first time at a young age, which made me more firmly believe in the strength of unity. A person's efforts are often small, only unity is strength, and the big family of individual and enterprise coexist and prosper. I fully realized this in Hongying real estate. Although Hongying has few employees, But they are very united. This is the working atmosphere I expect. I think I'm very lucky!

Here is a summary of the work to be done in the past 2018:

Every day, in addition to my own work, there are often unplanned things that need to be handled temporarily, and they are usually urgent, so I have to rest assured that the work at hand will be solved first. Therefore, these temporary things take up a lot of working time. It is often a busy day, but what I originally planned to complete has not been done. But the work at hand can not be delayed. Therefore, I often use my break time to 'make up lessons' and take some writing work home to write.

The adaptability is not strong, and the coordination and handling of some work are not good enough. I always keep in mind that I am a member of the company and should have a firm position. I should always consider the overall interests of the company, not care about personal gains and losses. I should start from the overall situation, safeguard the interests of the company everywhere and do not seek personal interests. In my future work, I will carry forward my advantages, correct my shortcomings and strive to be an excellent employee.

1、 Adhere to the working thought of positive efforts and change working methods

I have always reminded myself to work hard. As a comprehensive coordination and Management Department of Hongying real estate, in the process of its work, how to effectively communicate and coordinate the working relationship with various departments is a method I need to constantly explore, learn and master, A very important thing about the work of the office is to summarize the experience in the continuous practical work. Not only the daily work should be in place accurately, but also the leaders' intention should be understood more accurately, and truly consciously and actively assist the leaders to do all the work of the office well.

2、 Efforts should be made to improve the predictability and advance the work

Nearly half a year's practical work has made me realize that initiative and advance awareness are an important factor affecting the quality, efficiency and results of office work. I still need to keep learning, overcome lazy thinking, give play to my initiative and enthusiasm, take the initiative to find and solve problems, and strive to be able to think and do what leaders think and do in some situations, and keep up with the pace of leaders in active service.

3、 Fully understand the working environment of the office

Compared with other departments of the company, office work is complex, lack of coherence and randomness; Without standardized working procedures and high work efficiency, it is difficult to successfully complete the task. Therefore, you must know the rules and regulations of the company like the back of your hand, and accurately understand and position the work you are responsible for. Strengthen the study of the rules and regulations of the office and the basic requirements of daily standard work. Do 'understand the rules', know how to do all kinds of work and how to do better through self-active learning and careful teaching of the office director, do things according to the rules, do not undermine the company's regulations, standardize the basic principles of office work, and handle the things encountered according to the rules, regulations and relevant procedures.

4、 The improvement of business level should be continuously strengthened

The processing of meeting minutes and other official documents that may be involved shall be accurate and standardized, the writing level shall be improved, the computer operation level shall be continuously improved, the skills shall be prepared to adapt to more complicated office work, the daily work shall be more normal, orderly and smooth, and reliable technical guarantee shall be provided for better completion of various work tasks.

5、 Other work

While completing their own work, they will conscientiously complete the random work assigned by the leaders, actively participate in various activities organized by the company, such as speech contest and garbage salvage activities, assist the leading colleagues in preparing for the opening of the 'xxx' project, and will continue to participate in various activities organized by the company with full enthusiasm and positive working attitude in their future work.

6、 Deficiencies in work

With the help of leaders and colleagues, through one year's work and study, I have done my duty as an office clerk. At the same time, I have learned a lot of things I haven't learned before, but there is still a big gap from the requirements of the company's leaders, such as the theoretical level needs to be further improved, and my working ability is not comprehensive and meticulous enough, I am determined to improve and solve these problems in my future work, so as to better do my job and serve the company.

7、 2019 work plan

1. Strengthen self-study, combine with the actual work situation of the office, consider more details, closely follow the leader's intention, coordinate internal and external relations, and share worries and solve difficulties for leaders. Continue to strengthen the study of various systems and businesses of the company, achieve a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of various systems and businesses of the company, and put forward reasonable suggestions and opinions according to their own actual work experience.

2. Be familiar with the existing archived contract documents of the company, and be fast and accurate when it is necessary to provide relevant contract data. The existing contracts shall be sorted out in time and familiar with at any time. The lent contracts shall be recorded and urged to be returned in accordance with the provisions of the company.

3. Establish the awareness of follow-up and inquiry, follow up in a timely manner, handle various outreach affairs, report frequently with leaders and communicate more. According to the phased work tasks they are responsible for, they should actively contact more foreign affairs units to understand the progress and degree of work, and report the work progress to the company's leaders to achieve orderly communication.

4. Understand the procedures and details of each stage of the affairs to be handled in detail, be orderly and clear, and be able to speak clearly when reporting to the leader or being asked by the leader, so as to provide a reliable basis for the leader's decision-making.

5. Actively learn from the conference reception experience of other units, improve the reception level and enhance the company's image. Improve your working ability in an all-round way through practice and learning, continue to do some work within your ability for the company and make due contributions to the company while doing your own work well.

2018 is about to pass, and 2019 full of challenges and opportunities is about to come. In the new year, I will sum up experience, overcome shortcomings, strengthen learning and contribute to the development and growth of the company!

[Part II]

Time flies, and a year's work is over in the twinkling of an eye. In this time of working and studying, I do everything in a down-to-earth manner, no matter what I do or what I don't do. I don't think too much, don't aim too high, and do practical work with a real attitude. And my work can be carried out smoothly, which is fully supported by the leaders of the brigade and the unit, especially all the members of the unit. There, I summarized my main work in the past year as follows:

Over the past year, I have strictly managed myself, practiced myself, closely focused on the annual work objectives, united the whole team under the leadership of the captain, and carried forward the fighting spirit of advancing in the face of difficulties and overcoming difficulties; Adhere to the pragmatic style of down-to-earth, innovation and efficiency, strengthen confidence, meet challenges, work solidly, work hard and strive for achievements.

1、 Strengthen learning and change ideas

From newly graduated college students to urban management team members, from front-line law enforcement to brigade office, although my protagonist is changing rapidly, I always feel a sense of tension. While completing my own work and tasks assigned by my superiors, I constantly charge and study, check and make up deficiencies, and consolidate my front-line law enforcement potential, Keep forging ahead to become a good and competent subordinate.

Urban management and law enforcement work covers a wide range of areas, and more involves the interests of vulnerable groups. Therefore, in the actual work of this year, while correcting the understanding attitude, we have continuously strengthened the study of theoretical knowledge, continuously established the concept of etiquette law enforcement, serving the people, and continuously improved moral cultivation through self-study, professional training, investigation and other ways. Always implement the spirit of the brigade, take serving the masses as the starting point of work, learn, summarize and improve at the same time. Seriously and deeply understand its spiritual essence, and combine its profound understanding with practical work. In the work, we should reflect 'urban management law enforcement for the people and urban management service for the people' everywhere.

2、 Earnestly strengthen the construction of personal quality. " "Four emphases"

Pay attention to ideological education and change work style. In view of the reality of many difficulties and heavy tasks in law enforcement, we pay attention to laying a solid ideological foundation for team members, cultivating their ideological and moral character and political consciousness of loving their posts, being hardworking and willing to contribute, and enhancing their sense of responsibility and pride.

The "Four Musts" practice activities were carried out in depth to help team members establish the concept of polite law enforcement. On the basis of being familiar with the business, they are required to strictly enforce the law and enforce the law politely, dress neatly and behave properly, abandon the cold and hard work style in law enforcement and the working methods of simple driving and banning, update their ideas, strengthen polite law enforcement, and do the law enforcement work in depth and detail, Solidly and effectively, 'moisten things silently' to resolve law enforcement contradictions and conflicts.

3、 Be honest and self disciplined, and improve the potential of resisting corruption and preventing degeneration

On the issue of clean government, we should strictly follow the responsibility system of clean government, do not violate the law and discipline, and do not trade principles. Ask yourself to do it: self discipline according to the code. I will never do what is not allowed by the superior. I will strive to reach what is required by the superior. I will not violate rules, discipline and law, and be a competent team member.

5、 Existing problems and deficiencies.

1. The level of policy and business is not high, so we should continue to learn.

2. The work is not meticulous enough and sometimes impatient.

[Part III]

Under the correct leadership of the company's leaders and department leaders, I completed all the work tasks given by the leaders in a down-to-earth manner. This year, all stations of the company