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What is the rank of Guo Degang's disciples? Which disciple betrayed Guo Degang

Speaking of Guo Degang, he is not only a famous figure in the crosstalk industry, but also the flag representative of the crosstalk industry. Guo Degang founded Deyun club, and the tour venues at home and abroad are full. Guo Degang has many disciples, so what is the ranking of disciples? Which disciple betrayed Guo Degang?

According to what does Guo Degang rank his disciples

Now when we talk about crosstalk, I'm afraid the first words we think of are Deyun society, Guo Degang, Yue Yunpeng and so on. Indeed, as the flag representative of crosstalk circles, as Guo Degang said, Deyun society is a lonely boat on the sea, supporting the art of crosstalk alone. Guo Degang has received many disciples. These disciples are arranged according to the strict rules of crosstalk circles, and these are the people we want to talk about.

Crosstalk circles have very strict requirements for seniority. The common titles are 'de, Shou, Bao and Wen': 'old gentlemen of the' de 'generation and the' shou 'generation are almost gone now;' There are many representatives of the "Bao" generation, such as Hou Baolin, Liu Baorui, Chang Baoting, Chang Baohua, Ma Zhiming, etc The "Wen" generation includes Su Wenmao, Gao yingpei, Ma Ji, Tang Jiezhong, Wei Wenliang, Hou Yaowen, Shi Fukuan, Shi Shengjie, etc; Guo Degang, a generation of the Ming Dynasty, accepted his apprentice according to the eight words "cloud crane, nine clouds and dragon traveling all over the world".

"Deyun society", as its name suggests, is a society arranged by the generation of "de" and the generation of "cloud". Guo Degang does not have to say that the "de" generation, but now the main members of the Deyun society are figures of the "Yun" generation, most of whom are Guo Degang's disciples.

Which disciple betrayed Guo Degang

When you mention the two disciples who broke up with Guo Degang, you will naturally think of Cao Yunjin and he Yunwei.

In the latest episode of Xiaoao Jianghu, Guo Degang's Apprentice Shaobing and Cao Heyang made fun of his master for the first time. Netizens called Guo Degang badly played. Before, Guo Degang's Apprentice Huang Hedi came to participate in the competition. However, this Shaobing is very different. It is an apprentice who has been raised in Guo Degang's family since November 2. He has food, clothing and housing in Lao Guo's family. The original relaxed and funny stage later triggered a great discussion among netizens because of Guo Degang's remarks about his former disciples. This is also the first time Guo Degang publicly lamented in the program that the most sad thing was that "the children he taught personally wanted to kill him". Lao Guo said such direct cruel words. It seems that he was badly hurt at the beginning. Sharp eyed netizens took their seats according to the number and pointed to his disciples he Yunwei and Cao Yunjin who had been unhappy with Guo Degang.

Netizens who watched the program first thought that Guo Degang was referring to he Yunwei. At that time, Li Jing and he Yunwei had an unpleasant quarrel with Guo Degang when they left the Deyun club. However, some sharp eyed netizens noticed that Guo Degang said "son apprentice", which was raised at Guo Degang's home like a son since childhood. At that time, more than a dozen people such as Yue Yunpeng and Kong Yunlong ate and lived in Guo Degang's home to learn arts. Finally, only Cao Yunjin parted ways with Guo Degang, and their gratitude and resentment were ups and downs. After Li Jing and he Yunwei left Deyun club in 2010, Cao Yunjin and Liu Yuntian also announced their departure from Deyun club. However, what is their resentment and hatred? They have been making such a scene for a few years, and it is inconclusive. Not long ago, Wang Yujin, Guo Degang's brother-in-law, published a book about many runaway disciples of Deyun society. But both sides still stick to their own words: Cao Yunjin is dissatisfied with the accusations against him in the book - putting on airs backstage, no popularity and many other contents; Boss Guo claimed that the "dirty and bloody" facts of that year had been reduced to one-third of the real situation by him; But Cao Yunjin's words seem to point out the focus of contradiction -- the so-called "three-year apprenticeship and two-year effectiveness" -- the teacher taught you for three years free and didn't ask you for tuition fees, but you learned to perform for the teacher for two years free; However, Cao Yunjin said that during his apprenticeship, he gave boss Guo 8000 yuan a year in tuition fees in 2002, and had to pay some board expenses and so on; And stressed that even according to this rule, freedom should be restored by 2007; However, in the previous interview with reporters, when the reporter asked whether the contradiction with Deyun club was due to money: Cao Yunjin responded that all the performances in Deyun club were small theatres and basically voluntary performances. The reporter asked whether it was because of money?

When it comes to money, what makes Guo Degang most sad is that he said "once killed him". It seems that Cao Yunjin also implied that after leaving Deyun club at that time, he founded Tingyun Xuan and privately robbed master Guo Degang's business. The two masters and disciples have been pointing at each other, and the relationship has not eased at all. Just a few months ago, when all the big Comedians in the comedy industry joined the "happy comedian", there was also an internal news that Deyun club also intended to send someone to participate. After Li Jing was eliminated, Cao Yunjin didn't expect to fill the seat in advance. However, Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin both said that he didn't have me, I didn't have him, and finally Deyun club didn't send anyone to fight.

Netizens also insisted on their own opinions about the discussion between teachers and apprentices. Some netizens thought that 'Lao Guo must suppress the apprentice's position', some netizens pointed out that 'it's no problem for the apprentice to fly alone and make a lot of money, but it's wrong to step on the master to climb up', and some netizens lamented that 'the income of crosstalk can't be compared with Mingxing, there is no platform to push you, and what they say can't be famous'. Among the many disciples who left Deyun club, Cao Yunjin, as one of the former "four little Deyun", founded listening cloud Pavilion, and the business of crosstalk has also been booming. However, Cao Yunjin, who recently appeared in the eyes of the public, first had a fight and then got involved in a lawsuit with the crew because of a film shooting accident, which is really worrying. No matter what they have been unhappy about, the 8-year friendship between teachers and disciples can't be erased after all. I hope both sides can cherish each other and dispel their past grievances as soon as possible.