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Peace elite how to fight in the snow peace elite play tips introduction

Peace elite how to fight in the snow peace elite play tips introduction Recently, the mobile game Jedi survival peace elite has updated its version and added a new snow map. Many new friends don't know the distribution of resources and how to fight. Let's take a look at weihandi's chicken eating strategy.

1. Geely clothes are still good in the rainforest map and jungle map, but they are better in the snow map this time. Do you know the snowman made in winter, so you can try to catch the airdrop and lick the Geely clothes. They are basically invisible.

2. Fashion must also be mainly white. The white Voldemort sent before is very good, a pure natural protective color.

In terms of clothing, it is suggested that players should focus on white, that is, integrate with the white of snow to the greatest extent, and confuse other people's visual senses. At the same time, some warm clothes, especially eye-catching items such as red and yellow, are not recommended.

3. According to experience, the hiding effect of low land is better than that of high slope, that is, as long as the low land does not move and is equipped with white clothes, it is easy to hide itself (the defect is that it is difficult to turn points in the later stage and easy to be locked); Although high and low can obtain a good output field of vision, it is easy to be found by enemy targets;

4. In the snow map, it is recommended that players take Snow motorcycles, that is, integrate with the snow to the greatest extent and reduce the probability of being found;

The above is the map introduction of Jedi survival and peace elite snow. The sled on this map is very fun. I recommend you to play it