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Can the mobile phone system be downgraded after upgrading? Degradation method of IOS 12.1.3 beta 3

the mobile phone system will be upgraded every once in a while. The upgrade is to repair and improve the problems and vulnerabilities existing in the previous system. Generally, it can make the mobile phone software more compatible and the mobile phone experience better. However, sometimes the test version of the system is upgraded, which makes people feel obviously inferior to the previous system. Can it be downgraded in this case? The answer is yes, so how should we downgrade it? This article brings you a way to downgrade IOS 12.1.3 beta 3. Let's have a look.

How to downgrade IOS 12.1.3 beta 3?

If you upgrade to the latest beta version and encounter serious bugs that obviously affect your use, you can downgrade it. However, the downgrade can only be carried out by brushing the machine, and requires a computer and relevant tools and software, which is relatively troublesome in operation.

In addition, ios12.1.3 beta 3 can only be downgraded to two official versions of ios12.1.1 and ios12.1.2. The verification channels of other official versions have been closed and cannot be downgraded.

At present, there are two main ways to brush IOS devices. One is to use Apple's official iTunes tools to downgrade (with high security), and the other is to use third-party brush tools, such as PP and aise (with relatively simple operation). The first one is suitable for users with high security, and the other is more suitable for novices, because the third-party tools support one click brush, You can save the trouble of downloading firmware.

ITunes brush downgrade method:

1. First, download the ios12 firmware of the model in the computer. For example, the official version of ios12.1.1/2 can only be downloaded at present; 2. Connect the IOS device that needs to brush to the computer through its own mobile phone data cable, and trust and authorize to connect to the computer; 3. Open the latest iTunes tools installed on your computer. If you have important data, it is recommended to complete the data backup first. 4. After the data backup is completed, press' Shift + update 'in the iTunes main interface, and then select to open the downloaded firmware, as shown in the figure;

4. After that, the operation will be handed over to the iTunes tool to complete it automatically. During the degradation process, please do not operate the computer and IOS device until the brush is completed, so as not to interrupt the upgrade and cause the device to turn brick.

In addition, if you can't find the firmware or think downloading ios12 firmware is too time-consuming, for Xiaobai users, you can also use PP, aise, etc. to support one click brushing, which is easier to use.

There are risks in brushing the machine. I suggest you should be careful when brushing the machine. It's better to find someone with professional experience. Don't accidentally brush your mobile phone into a brick.