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2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala program list

CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the most abundant new year's Eve dinner. It has accompanied the Chinese people through beautiful new year's Eve nights. Then the Spring Festival in 2019 is coming. What kind of programs are there in this year's Spring Festival Gala? Which hosts accompany us for the new year? Let's lift the veil together!

It is understood that the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival gala will continue the tradition of setting up branch venues in the previous three sessions, continue to adopt the live broadcasting mode of "Beijing main venue + local branch venues", and select three regions with distinctive styles and characteristics as the branch venues of the Spring Festival Gala. Recently, three locations have been identified as Jinggangshan in Jiangxi, Changchun in Jilin and Shenzhen in Guangdong.

In addition, this year's Spring Festival Gala can be said to be a big change of blood, the director is not HARVIN, and many regular guests of the Spring Festival Gala have not been invited, so this year's Spring Festival Gala should see a lot of new faces.

At the same time, the host list of the 2019 Spring Festival Gala has also been exposed. Dong Qing, the former 'first sister' of CCTV, will return again, as well as Kang Hui, Zhu Xun, Ren Luyu, Li Sisi, nigmaiti, etc. Unfortunately, there are no Zhu Jun and Sabine.

Recently, a list of CCTV Spring Festival Gala programs was posted on the Internet. There are resident artists such as Feng Gong, Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming, as well as young traffic artists Lu Han and CAI Xukun, as well as Zhu Shimao and Chen PEIs. Of course, there is a little unacceptable Koi Yang transcendence recently.

I sent a spring festival gala program list before. Everyone said it was not accurate. Xiaobian found the second version of the Spring Festival Gala program list from the Internet. Interested friends, come and have a look!

The general contents and sequence of the program list of the online 2019 Spring Festival Gala are as follows:

(the program list is for reference only ~ the final program list and broadcasting sequence shall be subject to the broadcasting of the new year's Eve Spring Festival Gala)

It is not difficult to see from the program list that in fact, there is no new idea. I think the only thing worth looking forward to is the following three points!

1、 Year of the pig 'pig Bajie' New Year greetings

2019 is the year of the pig, so this Spring Festival Gala invited actors who have played 'pig Bajie', which is reasonable but unexpected, so it is still worth looking forward to.

2、 Chen Peisi, Zhu Shimao

Let's welcome the return of Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao. These two people must not need to be introduced. The audience of the older generation are very familiar with them. They were in almost every Spring Festival Gala in the past, and each sketch is very popular, bringing unexpected reversal, which can be called the backbone of the Spring Festival Gala. Later, because I didn't go to the Spring Festival Gala with CCTV for many years, I must have seen a lot of things this time. I'm really looking forward to it.

3、 Dong Qing's return

Dong Qing is a CCTV host we are all familiar with. In the hearts of most people, Dong Qing is the so-called first sister of CCTV, and her performance in the Spring Festival Gala every year is commendable. However, Dong Qing's workload is very small now, but on second thought, every host should yearn for and believe in the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, Dong Qing will be seen at the Spring Festival Gala this year.

I hope this year's party will be more interesting and bright! The new year is coming soon. I wish you a happy New Year!!!