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Speech celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up template of speech celebrating the

This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. These 40 years have made China a world power and a process of China's prosperity, strength and civilization. We can never forget our original intention. Let's look at the model speech for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

Dear teachers and students

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Reform helps opening up and set sail again

Although this is a world changing with each passing day, great economic and trade prosperity, great cultural exchanges and great information circulation are the characteristics of this era; But it is a world that changes the old and welcomes the new. Great development, adjustment and change are the driving force of the development of this era.

In this era of seemingly calm but actually surging undercurrent, the majestic lion of the East - China is walking on the road of reform and opening up with high spirited strides, playing a new chapter of reform and opening up with a roar like a Hong Zhong.

The golden thread rises from the sky

If China was shrouded in thick clouds before 1978, reform and opening up is a golden thread through the clouds, which has not only brought light to the dark era, but also brought goals and hope to the confused society. Under the leadership of Comrade Xiaoping, the reform has been pushed from pilot to the whole country, from economy to politics, and from cities to rural areas. With the efforts of the people of the whole country, the reform has achieved a qualitative leap from empty talk to practice and from individual to collective. It is the so-called 'good rain knows the season, when spring happens'. Reform and opening up is the good rain of that season, which has brought showers to the drought stricken land of China.

Waves shake the world

Gradually embarking on the right track of reform and opening up, like a runaway Mustang, wantonly runs on China's territory - it has the majestic posture of leading its neck and singing in the southeast coast, its fast-moving figure in the northwest inland, and its glimpse of drinking and playing in the Northeast snow field. Everywhere we go, high-rise buildings are uprooted and everything is renewed. People embrace society with a high spiritual outlook, face life and meet challenges. The surging Three Gorges and towering dam stand proudly on the river to solve the power problem for half of China; In the Pearl River Delta, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge lies across the north and south like a dragon, realizing the transformation of natural graben into thoroughfare; Bright Shanghai, APEC has injected strong vitality into China's economic development & hellip& hellip;' Steam cloud dream Ze, wave shake Yueyang City '. The huge wave of reform and opening up has shaken the earth in the past 40 years and made the world know China again.

Set sail again

From ignorant youth to mature adults, the heroic giant of reform and opening up stands at the starting point of the new era. It is the tears, sweat and laughter of countless families that make the giant's choice more difficult. However, the slogan "never forget your original heart, you can always get it" has always been firmly engraved in the hearts of the party and the people. Even though the road ahead is unknown, the spirit and passion of bravery have never been reduced by half. " In the new era, we need not forget our original intention, forge ahead and show the world a more inclusive, progressive and stable image of a big country.

Reform cannot be accomplished by one person, nor can opening up be achieved overnight. To truly realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we need 1.4 billion people to join hands, watch and help each other, and work together towards the set goals. The wind is hanging, and the giant ship of reform and opening up will sail to the other side of success.