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How to migrate apple icloud data apple icloud zone transfer tutorial

How to migrate apple icloud data apple icloud zone transfer tutorial icloud is the core service of iPhone. Now icloud China is taken over by Guizhou company on cloud. Many friends begin to find ways to migrate icloud data. How can icloud data be migrated? Let's take a look at icloud data migration methods.

Icloud data migration method

Why do you want to switch to a zone instead of disabling it directly?

After deactivation, your cloud synchronization functions such as memos and address books will fail, and changing appleid in other regions can't download some domestic apps, so it's a good choice to switch regions.

What is a transfer zone?

The zone transfer will migrate your original icloud data to the appleid in the outer zone. In this way, you can use all kinds of cloud services provided by apple, and the applications and paid content purchased by the original account can continue to be retained without affecting the basic daily use. The transfer area needs a AppleID outside the area, and the POPPUR is registered in the official account No. AppleID.

Tutorial start

First of all, if you use icloud to back up photos and turn on the option of 'optimizing iPhone storage', you must first go to [settings] - [account] - [icloud] - [Photos] and select [download and keep the original] to download all the original pictures to the local mobile phone. After completing the operation, close the icloud Photo Gallery function, and finally select deactivate and delete in settings - account - icloud - manage storage space - photos.

If the icloud memo synchronization function is enabled, the memo data needs to be migrated. The specific operations are as follows: Set - memo, open my iPhone account, enter the memo, select all the memos saved in icloud, and move them all to my iPhone account.

Turn off the [key chain] function in [settings] - [account] - [icloud], and then turn off the [icloud cloud backup] function in the storage space. PS: if you have used icloud backup before, please delete the backup.

Finally, go to settings - account to launch the currently logged in appleid. After entering the password, open all options and retain all data.

After all the above settings are completed, the original appleid has no connection with the current device, and the data is retained. At this time, you only need to log in to the appleid of the outer zone. After logging in the new ID, the system will ask whether to merge with the original data in the equipment. Select merge to complete the data migration. Icloud data such as address book and browser bookmarks will be automatically synchronized when the power is turned on and WiFi is turned on. To disable the old ID, please click here to enter icloud official website for operation.