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What conditions do you need to meet to receive family planning subsidies? How much is the family pla

Family planning subsidy is China's basic national policy. With the implementation of the two-child policy in previous years, the state has given certain subsidies to rural families who actively respond to the family planning policy, but not everyone is qualified to receive this subsidy. If you want to receive the 'family planning' subsidy, you must meet four conditions, so what we are most concerned about should be what these four conditions are? How much subsidy can I get for two? The editor of this article will tell you what conditions you need to meet to receive 'family planning' subsidies.

1. Both parents have rural registered permanent residence

This subsidy is only for rural families, because it is a national subsidy for rural only children. As long as both parents have rural hukou, they are eligible to receive it!

2. Must be an only child family

Since it is a family planning subsidy, it must be a one-child family that meets the conditions. If it is a double daughter, it also meets the conditions and can receive the family planning subsidy.

3. Parents must be at least 60 years old

There are also requirements for the age of both parents of the one-child family. They can receive it only after reaching the legal retirement age of 60. Some farmers will say that farmers have no fixed job and no pension. Why should they be 60? There is no way to stipulate that it is like this!

4. No violation of family planning policy

Only families with corresponding family planning policies can receive it. If both parents commit illegal acts during the implementation of the policy, they are not eligible to receive it.

Families meeting the above four conditions can receive 80 yuan a month. If their parents meet the above four conditions at the same time, they can receive 160 yuan a month.

From January 1, 2019, 'reward and assistance fund for some rural family planning families',' special assistance fund for family planning 'and' special assistance fund for family planning families to grow young and get rich quickly 'will meet the national basic standards. There will be no policy in some areas and no policy in some areas. This news is a good thing for rural one-child families.