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How to clean up Android phones with large wechat memory

How to clean up Android phones with large wechat memory now more and more people are inseparable from wechat. Friends who often use wechat will find that wechat takes up more and more memory for a long time. Sometimes the mobile phone memory is small and will fill up the mobile phone. So how to clean up the wechat memory? Let's give you the way to clean up wechat memory. Thank you.

Close 'people nearby'

In "general" of wechat "Settings"

Click the 'function' option

Select 'people nearby'

Click Close 'clear my location information'

And 'Disable' to immediately add more memory

Close 'voice Notepad'

Similarly, in 'general'

Click 'voice Notepad'

Click 'Disable' after entering the page

Turn off 'auto save function'

There is also a function in 'general'

'shoot 'or' photos and videos'

Select 'close' after clicking

Videos and photos sent by chat in the future

It won't be saved by the system

Turn off 'game info'

In addition, in addition to the 'general' department

You can turn off so many functions

Click 'game' in 'discovery'

In 'Settings' in the upper right corner of the page

You can choose to turn off receiving game circle information

This not only frees up a lot of memory

And I'm not afraid to be disturbed by redundant information