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How to choose marriage quilt? Precautions and key points for marriage selection

Marriage is everyone's life event, so everyone attaches great importance to everything in marriage and hopes that everything can be as perfect as possible. Every couple will prepare their wedding quilt for their new house in advance before the wedding banquet, so how should they choose the wedding quilt? The small editor of this article will tell you about the precautions and key points of choosing marriage.

Precautions for marriage selection

Pattern of wedding quilt

I remember when I was a child, when I went to have a wedding party, I would first visit the woman's wedding room. The wedding room was full of furniture to get to the man's house at that time, and the bed was full of red and green quilts. When the good time comes, these furniture will be moved to the outside field, and we children will hurry to grab the sofa, because we can have money to sit on the sofa. But at that time, the quilts were custom-made. Take the cotton to play the cotton. The cotton was sewn in the quilt cover, which was not easy to disassemble and wash. The color of the quilt cover is red and green. The pattern on it is a phoenix flying high. It is surrounded by some big peonies, implying great wealth. The designs and colors of the whole quilt occupy the whole quilt cover, and the effect is sewn with threads of different colors, which looks very exquisite. Although it is not as fancy as the sheets sold in the store, it is also a traditional masterpiece of Chinese culture. But now fewer and fewer people will use such quilts. Young people may feel more rustic. Parents will help their children buy them in brand stores. The patterns in the brand store are generally patches of roses, and the bright red quilt cover is particularly festive.

Color of wedding quilt

I don't think there is much emphasis on the color of the quilt. There are all colors. Generally, if the quilt is customized, it will have a red, green, pink and peach quilt cover, which will appear more festive. If it is a brand, most of the quilt covers purchased in the store are bright red, which can better set off the lively and festive atmosphere. However, in the old days, there were quilts that wanted to talk red and green, meaning red men and green women in pairs.

Specifications of wedding quilt

The size of the wedding quilt should be selected according to the size of the bed. Generally, the specifications of wedding quilt are matched 1. 8m * 2. 0 meter bed. If the wedding bed is special, such as a round bed, special attention should be paid to the selection, and the wedding quilt suitable for the round bed should be selected. Some beds may have upright columns at the end of the bed, but the sheets have layers of falling yarn, which is more dreamy, so we should choose the style that there is a layer of fork at the end of the sheets, just bypassing the columns. At the same time, it's more affordable to buy a four piece set. The others are more pillow cases and pillow cases, which can't be used at ordinary times. It's also redundant to put them on the bed, but it just increases the beauty of the bed.

Number of wedding quilts

In fact, there is no special emphasis on the number of quilts. I remember that when the woman married when she was a child, the mother's family would prepare 20 or 30 pieces for her daughter, because the amount of dowry would affect her future status in the husband's family, and too little dowry would be despised by her mother-in-law. In fact, how can we prepare so many quilts? In the end, most of them will be moldy after a long time, and then they will be thrown away. Now there is no such custom. People now pay more attention to refinement, so they usually prepare 6-8 beds, which can be covered all year round. However, some people will pay more attention to customs and prepare more, but they are generally even numbers.