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Which of peace elite m762 and AK47 is easy to use? Comparison of comprehensive strength between peac

Which of peace elite m762 and AK47 is easy to use? Comparison of comprehensive strength between peace elite m762 and AK47 in the latest version of the Jedi survival peace elite, several rifles have been added. The rifles that use 7.6mm bullets at the same time have an m762 in addition to the AK47. They are very common materials on the map. What is the power of the peace elite m762 and AK47? Which gun works well? Let's look at the comparative analysis of comprehensive strength.

Comparison between m762 and AK:

According to the old rule, first look at the difference of attributes. The only difference between the attributes of two weapons without accessories in the experience service arsenal is the power and range.

The power of m762 must be a little lower, which weakens the damage ability, and the range is weakened. M762 obviously has much less range than AK. However, for rifles based on basic close combat, the weakening of range has little effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of machine aiming comparison:

Do you still care about the machine aiming of new weapons? Otherwise, what is the effect of this gun without a magnifying glass.

AK is loved by many players and has a good vision, but it is difficult to focus on targeting the enemy.

M762 weapon aircraft aims at a large gap center. It's easy for everyone to concentrate. The relative disadvantages are also obvious. Compared with AK in the figure above, the visual field effect is much worse. If the enemy moves left and right, it's easy to be blocked and can't be seen.

The personal AK field of view is better for aircraft aiming. However, after many use tests, the m762 is more comfortable for large fixed-point objects. Yes, it is a little different. It may be better to move the enemy. The AK field of view is better and the shooting is more comfortable, while the n762 is suitable for concentrated shooting of instant grab shooting, and the hand feeling is better.