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Can latex pillow be washed with water? Tips for latex pillow cleaning method

Can latex pillow be washed with water? Tips for latex pillow cleaning method now many friends use latex pillows at home. Compared with traditional pillows, latex pillows can improve cervical discomfort, and they are also very comfortable to use. Can latex pillows be washed with water? Let's take a look at the cleaning methods and skills of latex pillows.

Can latex pillow be washed

Latex pillow can be washed with water. It is best to use clean water when cleaning, and the water temperature should not be too high.

The material of latex pillow is special, but it can still be washed directly. However, when washing latex pillow, you can't put it into the washing machine. You need to wash it directly by hand. The most convenient way to clean the latex pillow is to wash it with water, but you can't wash it in the washing machine, otherwise the soft latex is easy to be twisted and rotten, so you must wash it manually. In addition, when cleaning the latex pillow, you also need to pay attention to the method. After absorbing water, the weight of the latex pillow is doubled. When taking it out of the water, don't grab a corner and pull it up, which will lead to tearing, and don't screw it hard. You need to hold the center and most of the area of the pillow and take it out of the water carefully, and then squeeze the water out slowly with one hand up and one hand down.

The latex pillow has good air permeability and anti-bacterial and anti mite effect. Therefore, it is relatively frequent to wash it once every three months. The latex pillow has good elasticity, not easy to deform and strong support. It is reported that latex can change the shape of the head for children whose bones are developing, and there are no allergens such as dust and fiber that may cause respiratory allergy. Some latex pillows also have the effect of massage and promoting blood circulation. Don't use the washing machine when washing the latex pillow. After mixing it gently with clean water, squeeze it gently with your hand and put it in a ventilated place without sunshine. Never dry it in the sun. In fact, the latex itself is the place where mite bacteria don't like to stay, so it is said that it is full of antibacterial and dustproof and doesn't need to be washed often.

Can latex pillow use detergent

Washing liquid can be used when cleaning latex pillows.

Washing liquid will also be used when washing latex pillows, but it is still different from washing clothes. The specific method is: fill a basin of clean water in a large basin, pour a few drops of washing liquid, stir and dilute. Put the latex pillow into clean water with detergent and soak it for about 5 minutes. After soaking, gently squeeze the latex pillow with both hands to squeeze out the stains and sweat. After removal, rinse with clean water. After washing with clean water, cover the pillow with a absorbent towel, dry the pillow with both hands, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

Latex pillows should not be exposed to the sun after washing, otherwise they will be damaged. Latex pillows can be changed and washed at ordinary times. They should not be cleaned often. Generally, they can be cleaned once a year or so. If you need to wash, you must use clean water to wash by hand. When you take out the water surface, you can't grab a small corner and pull it upward. You need to hold the center of gravity of the pillow core, gently move the water surface, and ventilate and dry it! Do not machine wash, dry clean, bleach. When cleaning, it must be washed manually. It cannot be washed in the washing machine or other machinery and equipment because it will be broken. When washing by hand, try to squeeze it. Because a large amount of water will be absorbed during cleaning, the weight will be doubled, and move in the water as much as possible. When taking out the water surface, do not grab a small corner to pull up and move, because the overweight pillow will break. When cleaning, you must hold the center of gravity and most of the volume like tofu and take out the water surface carefully.