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2018 Alipay annual bill how to check Alipay app query 2018 bill recording method tutorial

In 2018, we have already left. For the past year, we only have regrets and yearning, and we must learn lessons and experience. So, cash in and out is bound to be a problem we need to examine. How much do you spend and earn in 2018 Alipay?

How do you inquire about the annual bill of Alipay?

Alipay doesn't have annual bills. What's the matter?

Although Alipay's bill function can sum up expenditure and revenue for a period of time, search the billing (or my bill) on the front page of Alipay to enter its own account function. It can only query the income and expenditure of six months, and can not check the annual bill, as shown in the figure.

Alipay can only check 6 months with its own bill.

Because of the bill function of Alipay, it is impossible to check the annual bill, so many friends who make the annual summary today are very interested in Alipay's annual bill, but Alipay has not released the annual bill function.

2018 what time does Alipay's annual bill come out?

Since today is January 1, new year's Day is a holiday, there is no function to publish the annual bill today.

Judging from the release time of last year's annual bill, it was January 2, 2018. At the beginning of last year, the 2017 Alipay annual bill was released. Besides the regular text version, it also released the annual bill of Qingming River map, which has attracted the attention of many Alipay users.

According to past practice, no accident, the annual account of 2018 Alipay should be released in January 2, 2019 (tomorrow), and the buddies will wait one or two days to see it patiently.