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Experience on the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up speech on celebrating the 40th a

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, earth shaking changes have taken place in the motherland. The previous generation worked hard for reform and opening up and participated in the whole process. The post-80s and 90s have also witnessed the process of reform and opening up. This is a great era. Everyone is participating and has some insights. Here is the experience of the mainstream media celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Let's watch it!

The general assembly to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was held in the Great Hall of the people on December 18, and a series of celebrations around reform and opening up reached a climax.

In May 1978, an article entitled "practice is the only standard for testing truth" set off a great discussion on the standard of truth across the country and became the theoretical lever to pry the reform and opening up. Since then, people have re recognized what is true and what is false, and distinguished right from wrong; People rekindle their faith in fairness and justice and yearn for freedom and efficiency.

Just 6000 words, stirring for 40 years. The 40 years of reform and opening up are the 40 years of returning to common sense and common sense; The 40 years of reform and opening up are the 40 years of designing dreams and fulfilling dreams. From the land contract responsibility system to individual households, from the prosperity of township enterprises to the prosperity of private enterprises, returning the right of Chinese people to independently arrange production and life has not only created a prosperous city, but also created the inner filling of each independent individual.

there 's no making without breaking. Only in this way can we achieve the difficult transformation of this ancient country. The bold exploration of reform and opening up will naturally face China's special national conditions, culture and concepts, but these will not affect the basic systems required by the market economy, including property rights relations, legal constraints, political checks and balances and interest games.

I had no doubts at forty. Standing at a new starting point, drastic reform is still the best tribute to reform. The first step of China's reform and opening up in the early 1980s was to break the "egalitarian" income distribution system of "big pot rice and iron rice bowl". In 2018, the key step in the individual income tax reform is still the in-depth practice of secondary distribution to adjust the income gap.

In addition to the tax reform, a series of reforms focusing on people's livelihood have been promoted layer by layer and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In March 2009, marked by the opinions on deepening the reform of the medical and health system, a new round of medical reform was officially launched. In the tenth year of the new medical reform, graded diagnosis and treatment, drug purchase with quantity and medical dispute prevention and handling have been put into practice, driving the reform of the medical and health system, the reform of the medical circulation system and the reform of the medical security system to move forward in the deep water.

This year, the most moving house is no longer 'thrilling'. " Houses are used for living, not for speculation '. With the long-term mechanism often mentioned by experts and officials, various signs show that the decision-making level has broken the previous thinking pattern of regulation and will focus more on the cultivation and construction of medium and long-term markets.

Although the other side is still far away, reform is still surging. Suddenly looking back, China's social transformation is rapid and profound. Ideas reflecting various problems, interests, contradictions and demands are becoming richer and richer. Debates erupt not only in the system, but also among the people. In an era of great change, some people lament that 'the world is not worth it', and some cry for 'a beautiful new world'. We enjoy the fruits of development and inevitably encounter unprecedented anxiety and anxiety.

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Forty years ago, we only knew that the river was going to cross. We didn't know how to cross it, so we had to touch a stone. Forty years later, the path of reform and opening up is clear and condensed into the consensus of the whole people, transition to market economy, and establish more perfect basic system rules of market economy. The best memorial to the reform is still that the reform continues.

Thoughts on * * * speech celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

The best tribute to reform and opening up is to constantly create new brilliance

Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning holding group

(December 19, 2018)

***The speech at the Conference Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was inspiring and inspiring, which made everyone fully feel the vigorous strength since China's reform and opening up and the development pulse of China's sustained opening up into the new era.

***The three 'full proofs' have highly summarized the correctness and necessity of reform and opening up, and the nine' must adhere 'have lit up a bright light for us to move forward. There is no doubt that this speech will be of great practical and far-reaching historical significance, will become a major milestone in the process of reform and opening up, and will comprehensively stimulate the confidence of all Chinese people to continue writing a new round of development with the new glory of reform and opening up.

Reform and opening up have made today's China and today's private economy. Over the past 28 years, Suning has grown from a small store to the world's top 500, experienced the development process from professional retail to comprehensive chain retail, and then to smart retail, and witnessed and participated in the development and changes of China's retail industry in the past 30 years. Nowadays, smart retail initiated by Suning has become the development trend of the whole industry. It can be said that without the tide of reform and opening up, there would be neither Suning nor smart retail today.

The best tribute to reform and opening up is to constantly create new brilliance. As an enterprise, we should not only be the witness, practitioner and beneficiary of the great process of reform and opening up, but also become the supporter, practitioner and promoter of the new round of reform. We should fully implement the development requirements of "not only dare to be the first, dare to make breakthroughs and try, but also actively, steadily and steadily" put forward by * * * to help create a new situation of comprehensive reform and opening up.

At present, the rapid development of smart retail is Suning's most powerful response to reform and opening up. Based on the development tide of technological innovation and consumption upgrading, we should continue to promote the leading development of smart retail model, not only create new species leading the upgrading of community, county and town consumption market structure, such as Suning small store and Suning retail cloud, but also constantly improve new capabilities such as logistics cloud, data cloud and financial cloud to continuously optimize retail operation efficiency and service experience, We should become a representative force for private enterprises to promote and lead a new round of development of reform and opening up.

China must be the first country to practice it

(December 19, 2018)

*******At a meeting celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up on the 18th, China said that it would never develop itself at the expense of the interests of other countries, nor would it give up its legitimate rights and interests. China pursues a defensive national defense policy, and China's development does not pose a threat to any country. China will never seek hegemony no matter how far it develops.

Some Western elites, especially American elites, examine China's rise from the western historical logic and are convinced that China will also follow the old path of "national power will dominate". The 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up should be regarded as an opportunity for China and foreign countries to jointly explore and alleviate this knot.

In recent years, Sino foreign frictions have generally shown an upward trend, but it should be noted that most of them are by-products of the large-scale increase in Sino foreign exchanges or the upgrading of some old problems, and they have been effectively controlled in most cases. None of them is a showdown confrontation initiated by China after it becomes stronger and tries to overwhelm the other party according to the strength rules.

The most common example of describing China's "ambition" is the construction of Nansha Islands and reefs. It must be pointed out that our expansion is not only carried out on the islands and reefs under our actual control, but also in line with international law. The deployment of appropriate defensive weapons is not to bully others. In the whole process, China has been very cautious and took care of the feelings of relevant countries to the greatest extent. At present, China and other South China Sea claimants have effectively controlled sovereignty disputes, and the intensity of disputes has greatly decreased.

The United States has taken an aggressive attitude in the South China Sea, and China has exercised restraint. We have made important contributions to peace and cooperation in the South China Sea. If China were militaristic, the South China Sea would probably not be as calm as it is today.

China's defensive policy and psychological reality have expanded to a wide range of fields beyond national defense. Almost all the frictions between China and the pan West, especially the frictions between China and the United States, are the first steps taken by the other party, and China is the party that responds. Such as the Sino Japanese Yasukuni Shrine friction, the Sino US trade war and so on.

Some frictions are caused by different systems between China and the West. For example, China and the West have different definitions and concerns about human rights. China has taken legal measures on the bottom line of national security, which has been criticized by the West from the perspective of human rights. This is a dislocation of dialogue.

As for the West's accusations of "infiltration" by China's Confucius Institutes, it was completely unexpected to the Chinese people. Under such circumstances, China often does not refuse to make appropriate adjustments to ease Western concerns. This is in great contrast to China's protest against the infiltration of the West into our country, which has no intention of restraint, but has intensified. For example, as mentioned above, the West interferes in China's internal affairs in the name of human rights.

China advocates "one belt, one road", one belt, one road, and the other countries, but many countries along the way welcome and take an active part in the construction of "one belt and one road". To label this mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation as geopolitical, the United States and others should reflect on their mentality.

When it comes to trade, there have been fierce disputes between China and the United States. On the one hand, China has resisted the pressure of the United States, and on the other hand, it has shown a positive negotiating posture. Moreover, before the United States provoked a trade war, China was already taking the initiative to introduce more opening-up measures. China's trade policy is not driven by political and military forces. It is completely formed in negotiation and interaction with other countries, and can be negotiated. Is this the same as the trade stick policy of the United States?

What we want to say is that China is indeed moving towards the world with an attitude of win-win cooperation. We have our own core interests and are determined to defend them. To get out of the circle of core interests, our basic strategy is to establish and expand common interests. In most cases, our core interest circle is far away from the core interests of other countries, but the important interests of different countries overlap in some territorial and maritime rights and interests. On the whole, China has proved its patience and restraint in resolving territorial issues.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about China, and some countries and public opinion deliberately exaggerate the misreading, some of which mean to put pressure on China. In fact, China has not been involved in any foreign war for 30 years. We are the most active power that advocates the settlement of differences through negotiation. To be sure, there has never been such a peaceful and restrained second-largest force in the world.

The whole Chinese society highly supports the basic national policy of reform and opening up and hopes for peaceful development. Although there is no experience of "a strong country without hegemony" in human history, if this law will eventually be broken, China must be the first to break it. The world should work together to make such a possibility a reality.

Run the baton to build a modern socialist power

Yan Xiaofeng, Dean and professor of Marxism school of Tianjin University

(December 19, 2018)

Forge ahead in the past 40 years and climb the peak in 40 years******* In an important speech at the Conference Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, he pointed out: "building a modern socialist power and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a relay race. We should run one stick after another, and each generation should make a good result for the next generation." This is precisely the strategic task of adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era from a new historical starting point.

Reform and opening up have accumulated valuable experience for the road of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, we * have always been