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How can tiktok be popular tiktok?

How can tiktok be popular tiktok?

Buddy tiktok tiktok: small partners who play with a tremble know that if their own video is recommended, it means that more people will see your video, fans and hits will be loiter. Let's see how to make popular recommendation on the basis of the following.

How to tiktok on popular recommendation?

It must be a personal original video. E ~ ensure the viewing time and the integrity of the content. It is difficult to recommend a video shorter than 7 seconds ~ ensure the video time to ensure the basic viewability of the video!

Only when the content interpretation is complete can we have the opportunity to recommend. It's hard to get stuck in the middle of the end! Participate in more online challenges, which is a fast track recommended by the Internet!

Every week, the chattering will be launched on new challenges, and tiktok will be pushed to the discovery team, actively challenging and describing your challenge. Or the challenge of flying with others and shooting high-quality works that meet the challenge requirements will be found for the first time~