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Can potatoes still eat when they turn green and sprout? What kind of potatoes can't be eaten?

potato is a very common and popular ingredient in our daily life. Potato, also known as potato, is one of the five major crops in the world. Potatoes are cheap, easy to store and cook. They can be fried and stewed in oil, so they are loved by many people. In 2015, China launched the promotion strategy of processing potatoes into noodles, steamed bread and other foods as the staple food, and served as China's four major staple foods together with rice, wheat and corn. Before that, the National People's Congress mostly ate potatoes as vegetables. But in daily life, if the storage method is improper or the storage time is too long, the potatoes will turn green or even sprout. At this time, I especially want to know, 'can the potatoes be eaten when they turn green', 'can the potatoes be eaten when they sprout and cut off the buds'... Whether the potatoes that turn green and sprout should be thrown away directly or eaten as they are? Let's learn about this knowledge with Xiaobian.

Can potatoes be eaten when they turn green?

If the potato is placed for too long, it will turn green locally or as a whole. This is because the potato is affected by light to synthesize leaf green. This kind of potato is generally about to germinate. This will also greatly improve the content of Solanum nigrum in potatoes. Solanum nigrum has a sense of bitter hemp. It is a toxic substance. It has the highest content in potato flowers, followed by stems and leaves, and also in tubers, but the content is low. According to relevant national regulations, if the content of Solanum nigrum exceeds 20mg / 100g, it will be toxic to humans and animals.

It was found that the content of solanine in the epidermis of a small part of green potatoes exceeded the limit value, while the content of solanine in the epidermis of large-area green potatoes reached more than 5 times the limit value. But potatoes are usually peeled. Can green potatoes be eaten after peeling? After experimental detection, it was found that the content of Solanum nigrum in the surface layer of potatoes with green skin was still higher than the edible limit. Cut off the green part of the potato, and the content of solanine in the remaining potatoes without green part is lower than the limit value of 20mg / 100g. This shows that only part of the green potatoes can be eaten as long as all the green parts are cut off, but if the potatoes turn green seriously and have penetrated deeply into the interior, they can no longer be eaten.

Can potatoes sprout and cut off their buds?

Potatoes contain a toxin - solanine. Under normal circumstances, the content of this toxin is very low and will not cause harm to human body. However, the content of solanine in germinated potatoes will be greatly increased. Eating more will lead to toxic symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, pruritus and vomiting in the mouth and throat. If you eat more than 300 mg (about 60g germinated potatoes), solanine may be life-threatening. So, when potatoes sprout, can you eat them by cutting off the sprouts? Generally speaking, potatoes with less germination (i.e. just grow a small bud) can be eaten by peeling and bud removing, thoroughly digging out the parts around the bud and cutting off the green or green parts. Before cooking, soak in cold water for a while, and add an appropriate amount of vinegar to decompose the toxins. But if potatoes germinate in a large area or most of them turn green, it's best to throw them away and don't eat them again.

What kind of potatoes can't be eaten?

In addition to the sprouting and turning green potatoes mentioned above, what other potatoes can't be eaten?

Moldy and rotten potatoes cannot be eaten

Potatoes stored for a long time may be moldy and rotten. The content of solanine in this potato also exceeds the limit value many times. If eaten, it may cause food poisoning. If it is only mildly moldy or rotten, remove the bad part. As long as the remaining part does not germinate and turn green, it can still be eaten.

Don't eat potatoes

Refurbished potatoes refer to potatoes placed for a long time (which may have sprouted or turned green) into 'new potatoes' with bright skin after cleaning and polishing in special equipment.

Don't eat potatoes without peeling

Solanine in potatoes is mainly concentrated in the epidermis and near the skin. In order to prevent poisoning, it is best to peel potatoes.

Don't eat uncooked potatoes

The starch content in potatoes is very high, and the raw starch is not easy to digest. Eating immature potatoes will cause disharmony between intestines and stomach, and even abdominal distention, diarrhea and other symptoms.