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Where is the peace elite Christmas tree? Where is the peace elite Christmas tree distributed Recently, the peace elite updated version. In the latest version, many players are looking for a Christmas tree. There are far more resources on the Christmas tree than you think. So where is the peace elite Christmas tree? Let's have a look.

This kind of Christmas tree is no stranger to the little friends who play games today! This is a Christmas tree on the birth Island, but a similar Christmas tree will appear on the island battlefield. Many little friends don't know that this tree is actually a gift given by photons in the Christmas mode. Many little friends think it's nothing like the birth island! Actually! Some of the treasure boxes inside are fake, but one is true. The materials inside can be said to be very rich!

It's really an eye opener to see the little friend burst out three Christmas signal guns under the Christmas tree. I have to say that the player is really lucky. The materials brought by the three Christmas signal guns can completely fatten a team. If the player is in a single row, it's a pity to see these signal guns, Because one can't digest so many materials brought by signal guns!

Netizens counted the refresh points of the Christmas tree in the Christmas mode of this Christmas activity. The red one is the big Christmas tree. You just need to find the real Christmas treasure box under the Christmas tree. There are dancing chickens, apples that can burst equipment, and the Christmas signal gun we most expect! Then the green one is the small Christmas tree. As long as you find him, you can water him and burst out high-grade equipment. Unfortunately, everyone can only water once, but you can find multiple Christmas trees to water, so you don't have to worry about your equipment!

Guys, don't miss this Christmas tree. This is the shortcut to the peak of your life! Many friends said that it is difficult to find the Christmas treasure box here. In fact, there are signs here. It is very obvious that there will be flashing red lights on the gift box. Others without flashing lights are fake! Christmas signal guns are basically the same as other signal guns except for their different skin. So when you meet the Christmas mode, you should quickly find these big gift bags!