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I don't want to continue to pay social security. Can I get back the money I paid before? It is possi

Social security is the abbreviation of social insurance. Social insurance is a social and economic system that provides income or compensation for people who lose their ability to work, temporarily lose their jobs or lose due to health reasons. The social insurance plan is organized by the government to force a certain group to take part of their income as social insurance tax (fee) to form a social insurance fund. Under certain conditions, the insured can obtain fixed income or loss compensation from the fund. It is a redistribution system, and its goal is to ensure the reproduction of material and labor force and social stability. But in life, some people don't want or can't continue to pay social security for some reasons. Can they get back the social security they paid before? The small editor of this article will talk to you about whether you can get back the money you paid before you don't want to continue to pay social security.

If you don't pay social security and want to return it, you can get the money back.

But we must add a 'but' here, because the conditions are quite harsh to get it back, which will be discussed later; In addition to the harsh conditions, if you want to get back the paid social security money, you can only surrender the endowment insurance and medical insurance, and the surrender can only refund the part paid by the individual. The part paid by the company can only be confiscated, which is regarded as making a contribution to the social security free of charge.

Then, under what conditions can the insurance be refunded and the paid social security money be taken back? There are the following situations:

1. Settle abroad; 2. Death; 3. Repeatedly participating in insurance in the same period of time; 4. Reaching the legal retirement age, the accumulated contribution is less than 15 years and is unwilling to continue to pay.

In this way, surrender is actually very uneconomical. We all know that the main part of social security is the part paid by the company. Compared with the amount paid by the company, the amount paid by individuals is less than one-third. Therefore, it is uneconomical for individuals to choose to surrender after paying social security. It is equivalent to that so much money paid by the company has nothing to do with themselves.

Especially for those who have paid for 10 years, because the current retirement condition is that they can retire as long as they have paid for 15 years, that is, they can pay for another 5 years. Then find another unit to continue to pay for 5 years, or if no unit chooses the minimum payment base in its own name for another 5 years, it is a very good choice. After all, after so many years of hard work, it's a pity to waste it.

If you don't have the money to pay the social security for a while and a half, you can also delay it for a few years. You can hang the social security in the account of the Social Security Bureau and don't refund it first, because it can't refund much money. It's better to put it on the account and wait for it in case you still want to pay later.

After all, it's difficult to surrender, and it's even harder to pay for another 15 years.