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What are the activities of 2018 Shanghai Disney Christmas? Shanghai Disney Christmas Carnival

Christmas is a warm winter festival, and the romantic atmosphere is the sign of Christmas. What are the activities of Shanghai Disney Christmas in 2018? Let's see!

Shanghai Disney Christmas activities

1. Winter Wonderland

At 5:30 p.m. every day, you can feel Disney in the snow and feel the first snow between you with your beloved in Shanghai. In this snowy Disney, I feel the glittering and translucent snowflakes falling on Mickey street. It's so romantic. Did I think of the scenes in Korean dramas in an instant? If you always want to see Disney in the snow, don't miss your fantasy girl dream. Disney will realize it for you.

2. Gorgeous holiday costumes

At Christmas, friends can put on Christmas clothes and take pictures with Disney friends.

You can also sing Christmas carols with Disney friends at 10:35, 12:45 and 13:30 every day. And goofy, the face of Mickey street, will wear santa claus clothes.

3. Make a wish before the Christmas tree

There is also a lighting ceremony in the castle at Christmas. At 17:45 every day, you can explore a happy journey with Xuebao, and there is a traditional lighting ceremony of the magic lamp book. But the Christmas tree will accompany you throughout the Christmas season.

4. Shopping Christmas

Christmas must be bought. At Christmas, there will be more than 30 Christmas series with classic Christmas elements such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, gift boxes and sledges on sale for a limited time. You will absolutely love it. At Christmas, there will be all kinds of new clothes around Christmas. It's good to keep them or give them away. Duffy's' four sons' also have new clothes. Don't miss it.

5. Disney town

On December 7, Disney town will also have a grand debut at the star wish skating rink, which is the best place to experience the division of Christmas. At this time, you can put on Christmas clothes, rent a pair of skates and show your skills. Mickey and Minnie will also appear here every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the event.

In addition to this, the cabin Christmas market by the lake in Disney town will also be very lively. Some characteristic handicraft workshops, snack kiosks and theme activities here have a Christmas atmosphere. Maybe you can meet the Christmas Song team who sings while walking.

The most important thing of Christmas must be Santa Claus, so at this time, do you want to meet Santa Claus by chance, or visit Santa Claus's Nordic holiday house, or you can choose to spend this Christmas with Santa Claus. You can also secretly tell Santa your wishes.