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How to carry out first aid for drowning

How to carry out first aid for drowning in summer, there are frequent drowning events. In case of sudden drowning events, first of all, you should know how to rescue common sense people. It's not only impossible to save people blindly, but also your life. Therefore, it's necessary to know some first aid measures for drowning. Here's a small compilation of first aid knowledge for you, hoping to help you.

The drowning person shall be rescued from the water as soon as possible after being found. However, if the rescuer does not know how to rescue the drowning person in the water and the water situation on the site, he / she shall not enter the water easily. He / she can make full use of the on-site equipment, such as rope, pole, life buoy and so on.

Place the drowning person on the ground, immediately remove the water, mud and dirt in his mouth and nose, wrap his fingers with gauze (handkerchief) to pull out the tongue of the injured person from the mouth, and untie the buttons and neckline to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed.

Pour out the inhalation in the abdominal cavity, pouring method: put the drowning person on the thigh of the rescuer's knee, head down, and press the back to force the inhalation in the respiratory tract and stomach out. Or pick up the legs of the wounded, put his abdomen on the shoulder of the first-aid person, and quickly run to make the water pour out. But we should pay attention not to blindly pour water and delay the rescue time.

When the drowning person's breathing stops or is extremely weak, the artificial respiration method should be carried out immediately, and the external chest compression method should be carried out when necessary.

Since the drowning person may stop breathing and heartbeat again after a short-term recovery, do not give up artificial respiration until the arrival of professional rescue personnel.

When giving first aid, pharmacists should also pay attention to that minors should not enter the water for first aid. If a drowning person is rescued, they must find a way to warm the drowning person and find an experienced person or doctor to rescue him.