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Which country did Christmas Eve originate from? Reveal the origin and traditional customs of Christm

Which country did Christmas Eve originate from? Reveal the origin and traditional customs of Christmas Eve Christmas Eve is coming soon. Christmas Eve is not a Chinese festival. There is no custom of giving apples in foreign countries. Do you know what Christmas Eve comes from? Let's take a look at the origin and customs of Christmas Eve.

Origin of Christmas Eve:

On the night of the birth of Jesus, the shepherd guarding the sheep in the wilderness suddenly heard a voice from heaven telling them the news of the birth of Jesus. According to the Bible, Jesus came to the world to save the world and be the Savior of all mankind. (see Matthew 1:21. He will have a son. You should call him Jesus because he wants to save his people from sin.) therefore, the angel spread the news to more people through these shepherds.

Later, following the example of angels, people spread the news of the birth of Jesus everywhere on Christmas Eve. Until today, it has evolved into the activity of reporting good news.

On Christmas Eve in 1818, Moore, an unknown village priest in a small town called oppendorf in Austria, found that the organ in the church had been bitten by a mouse, and it was too late to repair it. How to celebrate Christmas? Moore was unhappy about it. He suddenly remembered that it was recorded in the gospel of Luke that when Jesus was born, after the angels reported good news to the shepherds in the suburbs of Bailian, they sang a song of praise: "god enjoys glory and blessing in heaven, and the beloved enjoys peace on the earth." He had an idea and wrote a hymn based on these two scriptures, named Christmas Eve. After Moore wrote the lyrics, he showed it to the town's primary school teacher gelub and asked him to compose music. After reading the lyrics, Gruber was very moved and composed a good song. He sang in church the next day and was very popular. Later, two businessmen passed by and learned the song. They sang it for Prussian King William IV. after listening to it, William IV praised it and ordered to make Christmas Eve one of the songs that must be sung by churches all over the country. Therefore, this immortal work has been sung to this day.

Christmas Eve is also considered a time for Santa Claus and similar figures in other areas to send gifts to good children. In Italy, gifts are opened on the morning of Christmas Eve, while in Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal and Poland, Christmas gifts are usually opened on Christmas Eve or on the morning of Christmas day. In most parts of Germany, Christmas gifts are opened on Christmas Eve (German bescherung). In Iceland, Christmas begins at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Church bells will ring. People will enjoy holiday dinner with their families, and then open gifts and spend the night together. In North America, most families open presents on Christmas morning. For divorced families, children may be separated for two days to celebrate with one of their father or mother. In Spain, gifts will not be opened until the morning of D & Iacute; a de Reyes on January 6. Many traditional Christmas stories take place on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Customs:

1. Christmas Eve is also regarded as a short day

In the UK, Christmas Eve is sometimes regarded as a short day (afternoon break) by banks and trading companies, such as working days.

2. The Catholic Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve

The Catholic Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve. Unless it's a Sunday. The vigil party is said to be on the morning of December 24. However, it is not allowed to attend the Christmas party before midnight.

3. Christians participate in midnight mass or gathering on Christmas Eve

Traditionally, many Christians participate in midnight mass or gathering on Christmas Eve, usually held in churches around the world to indicate the beginning of Christmas day. Some churches hold candlelight worship early in the evening, usually with a drama performance of the story of the birth of Jesus, as well as a big meal, usually Turkey or ham as the main course. The traditional dish in Germany is braised carp.

4. Family reunion

Tens of thousands of Europeans and Americans hurried home to reunite. The essential program on Christmas Eve is a party or party. Most European and American family members get together at home, have a big dinner, and then sit around the burning stove, play the piano and sing to share the happiness of their family.

5. Hang colorful socks at the head of the bed

It is said that on Christmas Eve, the Christmas husband Association will drive a reindeer sleigh full of gifts to give some children who have performed well in the past year. He will quietly climb into the house from the chimney and stuff the gifts in the socks hanging at the head of the bed. So children always hang colorful socks at the head of the bed, put a cup of hot milk next to the socks to quench the thirst of the hardworking Santa Claus, and send a big gift to themselves.

6. Exchange gifts and good news

On Christmas Eve, the whole family will gather in the living room, sing Christmas songs around the Christmas tree, exchange gifts, share the joys and sorrows of life in the past year, and express their inner blessings and love. On this night, I will see a group of lovely little boys or girls, holding poetry and playing guitar, singing poetry and reporting good news one by one.