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How to change the ticket of 2019 Spring Festival railway

The 2019 Spring Festival transportation starts from December 23, 2018 to March 1, 2019. Train tickets for December 26, 2019 can be purchased on December 23, 2018, and train tickets for new year's Eve can be purchased on January 6, 2019. Do you feel like you are going home for the new year. Let's take a look at the ticket grabbing strategy and ticket changing methods of Spring Festival train tickets in 2019!

2019 Spring Festival train ticket grab strategy

1. In addition to the first ticket release, sometimes the railway department will release tickets in batches at other periods after the ticket sale; Generally, tickets are released at the whole hour and half hour every day.

2. Grab tickets 30 minutes after the ticket is sold

30 minutes after the ticket is on sale, a batch of unpaid tickets may be returned, which is a good time to grab tickets.

3. Refund tickets 15 days before driving

There is no service charge for more than 15 days before driving. Take advantage of this time to grab the ticket in the climax of ticket refund.

4. Grab tickets the day before driving

Generally, the station will reserve a small number of tickets to be released from 11:30 to 13:00 and 18:00 to 19:00 the day before departure; For the tickets restricted in the section, the restriction shall be lifted 24 hours before driving, and the remaining tickets shall be released.

5. Brush the remaining tickets at the first time in the morning and evening

In the evening, there are many sporadic ticket returns to the system. Passengers had better check the remaining tickets in advance before the system is opened at 7 a.m. and try to enter the system at the first time to get the required tickets.

Warm tip: Please note that the railway department has opened many ways to buy tickets, such as telephone booking, online ticket selling, station window, consignment point and so on. The channels with the longest pre-sale period (30 days in advance according to the latest regulations, including the same day) are telephone booking, online ticket selling and consignment point ticket selling. If you need to book tickets in advance as soon as possible, it is recommended not to queue up at the station window. The Internet and telephone channels will be faster and more convenient.

Regulations on ticket change of 2019 Spring Festival railway

(1) After purchasing tickets on, those who do not exchange paper tickets and are not later than 30 minutes before driving can apply for ticket change on; If you have exchanged paper tickets or within 30 minutes before driving, please go to the ticket window at the station.

(2) On the premise of transportation capacity, other trains within the pre-sale period can be signed more than 48 hours (excluding) before driving;

Within 48 hours before the start-up, other trains before the start-up can be changed, and other trains from the start-up to 24:00 on the face date can also be changed. The change on the next day and after the face date is not handled;

After driving, passengers can still change their tickets to other trains on the same day, but they can only change their tickets at the ticket departure station.

Tickets that have handled 'change of arrival' will not be changed.

Within 48 hours to 15 days before the start-up, if the ticket is changed to other trains more than 15 days from the start-up, and the ticket is refunded 15 days before the start-up, a refund fee of 5% will still be charged.

If the date of the ticket after the change is during the Spring Festival transportation, the refund fee shall be charged according to the standard less than 24 hours before the driving time.

(3) According to the relevant provisions of the online payment tool used during ticket purchase, if the ticket price of the new ticket is higher than that of the original ticket, please use the online payment tool to pay the full amount of the new ticket, and the original ticket price will be returned to the online payment tool used during the original ticket purchase within the specified time; If the fare of a new ticket is lower than the original ticket, the difference shall be refunded, the refund fee shall be charged for the difference and the current refund fee standard shall be implemented, and the refund shall be returned to the online payment tool used in the original ticket purchase within the specified time; If the fare of a new ticket is equal to the original ticket, there is no need to pay.

(4) Paper tickets shall be issued after ticket change at the ticket window of the station.