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How to send 2018 Christmas Eve greetings to wechat circle of friends on Christmas Eve

2018 Christmas Eve circle of friends blessings Christmas Eve is the biggest festival in the West. Now more and more friends begin to like Christmas Eve. Winding up blessings in the circle of friends can make friends feel your concern. Here are some blessings in the circle of friends on Christmas Eve. Let's have a look.

1. On Christmas Eve, I make a wish to the stars. I wish you peace all your life. On Christmas Eve, I pray to the sky for good luck. On Christmas Eve, I wish you a happy life by looking at SMS.

2. Christmas celebrates Christmas and sends peace on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus carries a carriage with gifts and blessings. I wish you a merry Christmas, family happiness, financial resources, good luck, health, peace and a bright future!

3. When we get together, we don't forget the day of meeting. Our short life is fast. We are happy with our friends. Dear friends, we have asked for a peace symbol for our friends on Christmas Eve. We sincerely wish you peace in the four seasons and happiness in your life!

4. My heart is like the snow in winter, falling slowly in this cold Christmas. No matter where I am, I have only a turning distance from you. Let my heart dance with you on this Christmas Eve!

5. Christmas to celebrate Christmas, Christmas Eve to send peace. Santa Claus carries a carriage with gifts and blessings. I wish you a merry Christmas, family happiness, financial resources, good luck, health, peace and a bright future!

6. Winter is a season of missing. I planted a acacia tree early in my heart. It is full of concerned stars, blessed months and sweet candy. I want to give it to you on Christmas Eve. I wish you a happy and safe life.

7. The blessing bell rings on Christmas Eve, accompanied by the blessing message of friends. Let's spread the blessing all over every corner and send the information to your 9 friends on this beautiful day. You will be safe all your life.

8. When night falls, snowflakes fall, neon lights light up, blessings sound and gifts fly. My blessings come with Santa Claus: I wish you happiness on Christmas Eve, boundless Christmas joy and good luck in the New Year!

9. Christmas Eve, peace buckle, peace symbol, peace heart, peace song, to you, five blessings and peace, year after year; Liushun peace, forever and ever; Qiqiao peace, honey sweet; Eight Xi is safe and round.

10. It is a common choice to send apples on Christmas Eve. Of course, apples here are not just edible. It can be apple shaped ornaments of all grades, symbolizing peace and security, which is not only in line with the festival atmosphere, but also intimate.

11. The leaves fall and the autumn is cold and light, and the heart is the most intoxicated. May the angel of friendship: bring you peace and peace on Christmas Eve for 365 days of the year; What I bring you on Christmas Day is the happiness and joy of my life!

12. May you fly happily every day like the snowflakes in winter, be happy and warm every day like the bell on Christmas Eve, and be as prosperous and warm every day as the fireplace on Christmas day. Merry Christmas, friend!

13. I am the bell of Christmas Eve, waiting for you to ring gently; I am the Christmas tree, waiting for a lover to come to visit; On Christmas Eve, I weave snowflakes and Christmas trees into the most beautiful blessing: I wish you a happy Christmas!

14. If you are dumplings and I am the winter solstice, I will miss you; If you are a Christmas tree and I am Christmas Eve, I will guard you. If you can lay eggs, I won't. I will sincerely bless you: Happy egg laying!

15. North wind blowing, snowflakes floating, happy Christmas will come. Greeting that true, caring that deep, sweet blessing can not be less. Whether Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve, I wish you a better mood and a better life!

16. On Christmas Eve, report peace and wish your family well-being; Christmas, carnival night, give you a table of wine feast; Christmas man, Christmas tree, ensure you have food and accommodation all your life; Send gifts and auspicious gifts. May your life be happy and long.

17. Merry Christmas Eve to you! I know you must be very moved when you see this message. But the kindness of dripping water should be rewarded by Yongquan. In order to express your sincerity, don't imitate me. I'm waiting for your Christmas gift to me!

18. Christmas is coming, the atmosphere is strong, SMS blessing is heavy; Wash your socks, hang them by the bed, and be happy when you are full of gifts; Sweep the chimney and make a stove to warm the holiday heart. I wish you: Christmas Eve dreams, Merry Christmas!

19. On Christmas Eve, send good luck and good luck from the sky. On Christmas Eve, send greetings and happiness as promised. Christmas Eve, be happy. There are countless Christmas gifts. Christmas Eve, send blessings. I wish your wish will come true.

20. You comfort me when I'm depressed and take care of me when I'm sick. You remind me when I'm crazy and cover me when I make mistakes. Having you is my greatest happiness. I want to give you the earliest Christmas blessing on Christmas Eve!

21. Peace is the thread in the hands of loving mothers and the coat of wandering children; Peace is to persuade you to make a cup of wine and go out of Yangguan in the west without an old friend; Peace is that this situation can't be eliminated. Only then do I lower my eyebrows but put it on my heart. Peace is the most beautiful language. Happy Christmas Eve.

22. The night is long and the wind is cool tonight. Fortunately, dear, you are by my side. I didn't cry or make trouble. I just want to go to the end of the world with you. Christmas Eve, more than love. Because with you by my side, I spend Christmas every day.

23. Ding Ding, a warm Christmas comes. I wish you health and happiness like Santa Claus. Business is booming like Christmas red. Life is as sweet as an apple on Christmas Eve. Give you the happiness of the whole world, Merry Christmas!

24. Christmas Eve is coming. I'll give you a wish bottle: May Christmas gifts pile up like a mountain, and Christmas blessings can't be collected. Health and peace will be with you all your life, and life will be happy! Forward this message and your wish will come true!

25. Build a Christmas tree at home, use green holly as branches and leaves, use red beads as fruits, and put red candles on the top of the tree to light up the whole hall. Happy and auspicious, happy and happy. May you have a good dream on Christmas Eve!

26. On Christmas Eve, I wish you peace. On Christmas Eve, I wish you peace. Peace is a blessing, peace is a treasure, peace is never too old! I wish you peace in and out, old and young, everything is safe, and you have a safe life after receiving the SMS! I wish you happiness and peace on Christmas Eve!

27. Ordinary, calm and safe, smooth and comfortable with the wind, sincere and godly. It's another winter. I often remember the sweetness of friendship. On this Christmas Eve, I sincerely wish you peace, success and happiness forever.

28. Beautiful stories have no ending. Sincere friendship needs no words. Only friends who miss have text messages. The radio waves of blessing will not rest. There is no distance for beautiful longing. The text messages of greeting bless you: happy Christmas Eve, happy to old.

29. Dear friends, the bell on Christmas Eve echoes on the path. I send you a sincere Christmas tree with the review of our friendship and my blessings for you. May good luck take care of you forever and peace and happiness in your life.

30. The gentle wind brings me to you. Yesterday's smile is still in front of me. I want to gently greet you. How are you today? May the bell on Christmas Eve send you happiness. I wish you happiness and peace every day.

31. The flying snowflakes bring my blessings to keep relatives safe all their lives. The bright stars bring my prayers to keep relatives and friends healthy for years. The transmission of radio waves expresses my wish and makes my favorite people lucky! Christmas Eve, the original wife is happy!

32. On a Christmas Eve, the two places miss each other. A three-part family relationship is a bosom friend all over the world. Make up five law text messages and worry about the six organs. Carry seven points of happiness and eight points of luck. Send nine points of peace. Good luck. Wish you good luck, health and happiness on Christmas Eve.

33. 'with' a sincere heart wish, the safe warm wind blows every corner of your life, dances in front of the window for you every night, happy smiles accompany you to sleep safely, and optimistic feelings become the soft waves at the bottom of your heart. (read the first word of each sentence together)

34. On Christmas Eve, light a candle to illuminate our future; Burn a stove to warm our life; Hang up a sock and fill it with our dreams; Build a chimney, let happiness rise freely, send a text message, wish you happiness forever!

35. I opened my wallet and found no money. I opened my pocket and found no coins. I opened my life and found you. Originally, I have always been so rich! On this Christmas Eve, I send my most sincere blessing: I wish you a safe life!

36. Christmas Eve should be safe and peaceful every day. Infinite blessings for you, I bought out happiness; Greetings to you are limited for 10000 years. On a warm Christmas Eve, use Yuehui to bring happiness to you, so that you will be pleasantly surprised. Happy Christmas Eve.

37. The snowflakes floating on Christmas Eve are my deep concern for you; Christmas Eve gas fireworks, I wish you a lot of happiness; The cold breath of Christmas Eve is my deep love for you; The message received on Christmas Eve is that I wish you happiness!

38. Christmas Eve, light candles to ignite passion and dreams; The bell rings to send good luck, peace and health; Christmas tree, sleigh deer, gifts from Santa Claus; Christmas stockings, placed at the head of the bed, hidden in affectionate stockings. May you be healthy, happy, happy and auspicious on Christmas Eve!

39. On Christmas Eve, keep your family safe in the first period, your friends safe in the second period, your colleagues safe in the third period, your lover safe in the fourth period, and you safe in the last period. I wish everything safe on Christmas Eve!

40. I have a piece of good news for you: in the next few days, Christmas Eve, Christmas and new year's day will be connected, and happiness, happiness, health and peace will follow; Family affection, friendship, love, true feelings, concern, care and blessings come. Happy every day!