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Printing entrance of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination permit printing process of 2019 yanzhao.

2019 postgraduate entrance examination admission ticket printing portal address link, research and recruitment network printing admission ticket process list, what needs to be done after the admission ticket printing? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

Dear students of postgraduate entrance examination, today (December 14) 2019 postgraduate entrance examination Er can start printing admission tickets. You must pay attention to it. The examination room information on the admission ticket is directly related to your later examination arrangement, so today I'll share with you the detailed printing process of the admission ticket for postgraduate entrance examination~

The 2019 postgraduate entrance examination will be conducted from December 22 to 23. From December 14 to December 24, candidates can log in to China graduate enrollment information network ( to download and print the admission ticket with their user name and password.

1、 What does the admission card look like?

Note: this picture is from the admission ticket of previous years. The admission ticket of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination is subject to the actual situation~

Admission information can be divided into three parts:

The first part is the candidate information, including bar code, candidate number, candidate name, certificate type, gender, certificate number, learning and working unit, registration unit (code) and registration major (code).

The second part is the examination arrangement and relevant instructions: examination time, registration site name, candidate registration number and examination place.

The third part is the instructions for candidates, the description of registration points and the description of enrollment units.

This is the admission card style found online in previous years. This year's admission card may change a little, so the little ones should be subject to the real object! The picture is for reference only!

2、 Printing time of admission ticket

From December 14 to December 24, 2018, candidates can log in to the "research and recruitment network" with their online user name and password to download and print the admission ticket.

3、 Ticket printing process (taking previous years as an example)

The printing process of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination permit is as follows:

The first step is to log in to the research and recruitment network.

Log in with your account and password when signing up online!!!

After entering the homepage of the research and enrollment online newspaper platform, if the enrollment unit has uploaded the admission ticket, you will see the download link (yes, it is the red box in the lower right corner of the figure below).

This page also includes the examination time reminder, and if your admission ticket is not displayed on this page, click the 'click here to retrieve' button on the page to operate according to the prompt to retrieve your admission ticket.

Step 2, click 'admission ticket download' to enter the download page.

Ladies and gentlemen, read the tips on this page carefully, and then click this button with excitement:

The third step is to successfully download the PDF version of the admission ticket.

After clicking save, you can see the PDF document of personal admission card in the saved place, so you can download the admission card.

After downloading the admission ticket, go to the nearby printing shop and it is recommended to open it with a PDF reader, otherwise it is easy to lose text. After opening it, click the file to print.

After entering the printing page, set the attributes and number of sheets of the printer, and then click OK. It is recommended to use professional printing equipment to avoid errors.

It should be noted that the pictures may not be exactly the same, but it will not affect the operation process~

Step 4: multiple backups and multiple prints.

After printing the ticket, candidates are advised to make multiple backups, including copies and electronic versions, to avoid accidents (the ticket will be used during the re examination).

4、 2019 postgraduate entrance examination permit printing FAQ:

1. The admission ticket is downloaded and printed by the examinee on A4 white paper within the specified time (December 14 to December 24, 2018). The front and back sides of the admission card shall not be altered or written during use. Candidates shall take the preliminary and re examination with the downloaded and printed admission card and resident ID card.

2. Candidates shall enter the examination room at the specified time with their admission card and valid resident ID card and take their seats according to the number. After taking a seat, put the above certificates in the upper left corner of the desktop for verification.

3. The examination place is designated by the registration point. Candidates should go to the examination place the day before the examination to understand the relevant precautions of the examination room.

Precautions for printing 2019 postgraduate entrance examination permit:

1. What if you forget your username or password?

Please click 'retrieve user name' or 'retrieve password' on the login page and follow the prompts to complete account retrieval.

After printing the admission ticket, candidates are advised to make multiple backups, including copies and electronic versions, to avoid accidents.

2. Is the downloaded admission ticket information blank?

It is recommended to download pdf file reader again. The downloadable system page provides a free PDF file reader Foxit reader or download PDF readers from other legitimate websites. In addition, it is recommended not to use the download tool when downloading. You can choose 'save as' to download.

3. When downloading and printing the admission ticket, what's the matter of 'not participating in online registration or not being admitted by the enrollment unit'?

It is recommended to contact the registration point or enrollment unit to verify the specific information of admission.

4. What if the content of the downloaded admission ticket is' none '?

It is recommended to contact the registration point for consultation.

5. Do you need to print your admission card in color?

No, it can be printed in black and white. The front and back sides of the admission card shall not be altered or written during use.

Remind again: the front and back of the admission card shall not be altered! 5、 What do I need to do after the ticket is printed?

1. After seeing their own examination room information, they should check the transportation and accommodation in time. Candidates who are far away need to order hotels in time.

2. If you find any error in the information, you should propose to modify it in time. If you have any questions about any details, you should contact the registration point in time, so as not to affect your normal participation in the preliminary examination.

6、 Purpose of admission card

The admission ticket is the examination permit issued by the examination department to qualified candidates. The purpose of the admission ticket number is as follows:

1. Candidates can hold this card to participate in the specified examination at the specified time and place.

2. The admission ticket is generally printed with the candidate's name, photo, candidate number, test time, test place, etc.

3. The admission ticket also serves as a receipt for the examination registration fee.

4. The admission ticket number can be used to query the results after the examination.

5. After admission, the admission ticket can be used to report to the new school.

It is recommended to contact the registration point for consultation.