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Does red wine bubble onion cure gout? What is the effect of red wine bubble onion

In recent years, there are many people suffering from gout, which has a lot to do with poor living habits. After getting sick, they still need to receive formal treatment in time. However, some people want to know whether red wine soaked onions can cure gout and what are the effects? It can be said that red wine soaked onion has high health value, but it can only be used for adjuvant treatment or recuperation, and can not be used as medicine.

It is recommended to take oral medication for gout under the guidance of local doctors; Control diet and do not drink alcohol; It is advisable to eat low purine foods and foods rich in carbohydrates, such as fungus, mushrooms, lentils, etc. Do not eat beans, seafood, animal viscera and other foods with high purine content; Check renal function regularly. Reference drugs: sodium bicarbonate tablets, benzbromarone.

It is controlled at 100 ml per day and 25 ml for the elderly; Onion, known as the queen of vegetables, has high nutritional value. It originates in Spain. The darker the color, the higher the nutritional value. It can stimulate taste buds, increase appetite and alleviate dyspepsia. Onion is the only vegetable containing prostaglandin A, which is good for male reproductive system, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

However, experts stressed that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, onions belong to thermal plants. If people with thermal constitution drink onion wine too often, they may cause 'fire' symptoms. Of course, citizens with cold constitution can drink a glass of onion wine every day, while wine lovers with hot constitution might as well try dry red and celery. Celery is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It contains acidic antihypertensive components. It is clinically effective for primary, gestational and menopausal hypertension. Moreover, celery is a high fiber food. It will produce an antioxidant lignin through intestinal digestion. At high concentration, it can inhibit carcinogens produced by intestinal bacteria.

Although onions and red wine are good for your health, they are never medicine. They can only prevent and alleviate some diseases. Any food with health care effect varies from person to person. It is best to consult a doctor or nutritionist before eating. Red wine soaked onion is a health folk prescription, which can reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, presbyopia and sleep, but it does not have the effect of reducing uric acid.

I believe you are clear about the efficacy of red wine soaked onion in the treatment of gout. Once there are potential health hazards, we should improve the awareness of prevention and control, but it would be better to prevent them in advance. There are many health preserving effects of red wine soaking onion, but we should also pay attention to the correctness of production and eating methods.