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What does ojbk mean? What stem did ojbk come from

What does ojbk mean? What does ojbk mean? Where does ojbk come from online hot words emerge one after another. Every time, there will be a hot word online. Recently, the word ojbk is very popular, but my friends I haven't seen are covered in circles, and I can't even find it through the English dictionary. So what does ojbk mean? What is ojbk and where does it come from? Let's have a look.

What does ojbk mean

The word is the abbreviation of 'O several K'. The common usage is' complete ojbk ', which means that OK is OK in general. The word JB (you know) added in the middle means struggling and helpless. Occasionally, the word 'complete' is also used as an adverb of degree, which means too OK!

Ojbk source

The word is derived from the development of the word 'complete ojbk' mentioned above, and the specific source of 'complete o several K' is derived from the stem 'I think OK' which was popular in China's hip hop. Because 'I think OK' stem is used too frequently, some netizens said 'O several K' irritably, so the word became popular on the Internet.

Ojbk usage

ojbk! I'm not afraid of buying big clothes in the future

I think it's completely ojbk wrong to cancel early self-study

Yesterday, ah Zao told me that he had ojbk gone to Taiwan to study next semester! Happy!