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How to distinguish pure cotton quilt cover? How to choose high quality pure cotton quilt cover

pure cotton is skin friendly and comfortable, so most people prefer pure cotton when choosing household bedding. But people who don't understand fabrics often can't tell what kind of fabric is pure cotton. This article summarizes how to choose pure cotton quilt covers. I hope you can choose comfortable pure cotton quilt covers.

How to distinguish pure cotton quilt cover

1. Touch method

Generally speaking, pure cotton fabric feels warm. If there is chemical fiber, it feels cool. These feelings are subtle and need experienced people to feel them clearly. Many old people know at a glance whether it is pure cotton, but generally we can experience the difference through hand feeling. It's best to compare when touching, so you can make better judgment.

2. Olfactory method

Pure cotton quilt covers smell nothing else. If other ingredients are added to the cloth, a careful smell will have a special taste. Because the chemical fiber component will emit the smell of an industrial product, it is easy to find that when there is the smell of chemicals on it, it means it is not pure cotton.

3. Water washing method

The cotton cloth will shrink after washing, that is, the actual size will become smaller than before. Now many home textile products will add certain chemical fiber components to avoid this situation, so the quilt cover is not easy to shrink.

4. Tearing method

Pick up the cloth and tear it with both hands. If there are some rough edges on the quilt cover, then the quilt cover is pure cotton. If there is no response to tearing it with force, then the quilt cover is likely to be made of other materials.

5. Combustion method

Ignite the cloth with fire. If there is no black smoke, it indicates that it is pure cotton. If there is smoke, it indicates that other chemical fiber components are added. Although this method is simple and crude, it is generally not used to detect whether it is pure cotton. Unless there is excess fabric on the quilt cover that can be tested.

What is the cotton content

Fabrics with a cotton content of more than 75% (note that this refers to cloth) can be defined as pure cotton. Therefore, the cotton content of pure cotton is between 75% and 100%. Here, 100% is only a theoretical figure, which is difficult to achieve in reality. Therefore, cotton products are the same as wool products, and there is no saying of 100%.

How to choose pure cotton quilt cover

1. Look with your eyes

When selecting pure cotton quilt cover, the quilt cover can be viewed horizontally. The cloth fiber wool of pure cotton is straight and short, evenly distributed, and there are few curved and long fibers. In this way, the cotton content is high. Usually we often wear or use things with fuzzing, that is, fabrics with more chemical fiber components.

2. Touch with your hand

Generally, we go to shopping malls to select pure cotton quilt covers, which can be identified by hand and feel its texture. The quilt covers that have been starched feel a little hard; Pure cotton quilt cover has strong water absorption. If you touch the pure cotton quilt cover with sweat in your palm, you will feel that the moisture seems to be sucked away. This is the one with high cotton content. If it feels smooth, it is generally added with chemical fiber, which is not pure cotton.

3. Smell with your nose

When we choose pure cotton quilt covers, we can sense it through our smell. Generally, pure cotton quilt covers with high cotton content will not print too complex and too fine patterns. The industrial taste is relatively light. Fabrics with more chemical fiber components will accumulate more dyes and have a strong industrial taste&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;