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Key points of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination process! Pay attention to these to make your ex

I believe that the majority of students preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination in 2019 have been preparing for the examination for a long time. For these people, the postgraduate entrance examination is the last and most important thing in 2018 and the first major event in 2019. It is less than a month before the 2019 postgraduate entrance examination. The majority of postgraduate entrance examination candidates are about to go to the examination room to draw a satisfactory end to their long-time efforts. What is the process of postgraduate entrance examination and what should we pay attention to? The editor of this article will talk to you about the process and precautions of the 2019 postgraduate entrance examination, hoping to help the majority of students preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.

1、 About admission process

1. Pay attention to the time and enter the examination room 15-20 minutes in advance. Remember to turn off mobile phones and other communication equipment and do not bring them into the examination room. In principle, watches are not allowed to be brought into the examination room. Just follow the requirements of each examination room. There is a clock in front of each examination room. The invigilator will also remind when the paper is about to be handed in. Therefore, students with myopia should remember to wear glasses to avoid losing sight of the time.

2. There are usually two invigilators in the examination room, and the two teachers cooperate with each other. When entering the classroom, there will be a piece of paper on the table at the door of the classroom, on which is the photo and test number of each candidate. You should take your ID card and admission card to the teacher for verification, then check whether the information on the paper is correct, and finally sign your name.

3. Find a table with your own information, sit down, take a deep breath, and don't whisper. Just adjust your state of mind and believe in yourself.

4. When the examination time is up, the radio will remind you to put your stationery and certificates away and prepare to answer the questions.

5. The invigilator will show you the sealed bag of the subject. When you get the envelope, you should see the envelope structure clearly. Don't destroy the envelope, especially the tongue of the envelope, because you have to put the paper back after answering the questions.

6. When you see the paper, don't start writing. The teacher reminds you that it's time, otherwise it may be regarded as cheating. You can use this time to look at the paper first and think about the answers in your mind.

2、 Admission notes

1. Stick bar code. When you get the bar code, stick it. It doesn't matter if it's a little oblique. As long as the black concentration area in the middle is in the frame. Some students have obsessive-compulsive disorder and want to tear it off and paste it again when they feel that it is tilted a little. Don't do this. The bar code has strong adhesion and is torn by accident. There are also two barcodes, one rectangular and one elliptical. You can paste them after you see them clearly. Don't compete for one or two seconds.

2.0.5 black water-based pen. Try to be 0.5, because the paper needs to be scanned on the computer. If it is too thin, you will not be able to see clearly, and if it is too thick, it will be swept into a ball. Don't paint, and you can't use the correction fluid. When you think about it, you can start writing again. If you write wrong, you can draw a pen to keep it clean.

3. Answer in the specified answer area. Each part of the answer sheet is marked with a question number. Be sure to see the question number clearly and don't write it in the wrong position.

3、 Other precautions

When there are 15 minutes before the end of the exam, the teacher will remind you to leave enough time to paint the answer card. Don't have time to paint the answer card in the end. The invigilator won't wait for you!

Finally, put all the papers in the envelope and seal them with a sealing strip (the sealing strip will be given to you at first, so you must keep it). Remember to check it at last.