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Can isolation cream replace sunscreen? What is the difference between isolation cream and sunscreen

In this era of looking at the face, makeup has become an indispensable link in our daily life. However, in addition to brightening the complexion and covering defects, some cosmetics protect the skin. Isolation cream and sunscreen are two products that protect the skin. But some people will also have some doubts about whether isolation cream can replace sunscreen? This article will explain the difference between isolation cream and sunscreen, as well as the correct use of isolation cream.

The difference between the two:

1、 Isolation cream has more skin beautifying ingredients. Sunscreen only has sunscreen function. In addition to the sunscreen function, the isolation cream also adds antioxidant ingredients, whitening ingredients or vitamins. Compared with ordinary sunscreen, the composition of sunscreen is more pure, easier to absorb, and can prevent the damage of dirty air and ultraviolet rays to the skin.

2、 There are two categories of isolation creams that are most easily confused. One is also called pre makeup bottom milk. Because previous makeup products contain ingredients that will hurt the skin, an isolation cream is added between skin care and makeup products to isolate makeup and dirty air, which can also make makeup more delicate. Later, sunscreen was added to the sunscreen, which became sunscreen. The other is actually sunscreen, which is called sunscreen isolation cream because it contains or completely blocks ultraviolet rays with physical sunscreen.

3、 The use of isolation cream also requires complete makeup removal. After using isolation cream, we should pay more attention to makeup removal, because the isolation cream contains not only sunscreen, but also toner. Therefore, we must adopt a full set of makeup removal steps, and there is no room for laziness. Makeup remover oil, makeup remover and makeup remover are selected according to skin needs; Then use the facial cleanser again to restore the skin's ability to breathe freely.

4、 Correct application of isolation cream

1. First, apply it to the prominent parts of the bones on both cheeks, and gently use the middle finger and ring finger from inside to outside.

2. The nose is easy to be greasy. The less the dosage, the better. The nasal wing is easy to accumulate isolation cream. Apply the powder puff by pressing.

3. Apply the chin in a round way, and the extended face and neck also need to be gently applied with a powder puff.

4. Apply by pressing from the eye head to the eye tail, and gently press with the abdomen of the middle finger and ring finger. The end of the eye is not easy to push. You can gently pull and lift the corner of the eye with one hand.

5. Subtle places, such as hairline and corners of mouth, are easy to ignore. Press them gently with a powder puff.