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Theme of 2019 creative enterprise annual conference

modern enterprises pay more and more attention to the construction of corporate culture. Most enterprises hold an annual meeting at the end of the Gregorian calendar. In the annual meeting, they generally review the work of the year, summarize and improve it, and lay the tone for the work of the next year in advance. It is an effective way to enhance the feelings and mutual trust between the company and employees by holding annual meetings. So the choice of the theme of the annual meeting is a headache for enterprises. What kind of annual meeting can be creative, novel and attractive? This article has prepared a collection of creative themes for the annual meeting, hoping to help you choose the appropriate theme for the annual meeting.

1. We should always be full of positive energy.

1. Welcome the new and love the old. Don't get drunk and don't return.

2. Confident life is the most beautiful.

2. We should surpass, change and sublimate.

3. A roar from the broken sky will show my youth!

3. Change, and grow.

4. We should create prosperity and share prosperity.

5. Surpass the first and realize your dream!

5. The melody on the fingertips.

6. Wonderful, just because you and I go together.

6. Innovate and develop to create more brilliance.

7. Unite as one, and its profits will be cut off!

7. There is no end to Jinzhi's excellence.

8. (company name) has (Department name). The order issuing is like a monkey ((company name) changes to (Department name), and the order issuing is like a monkey.

8. Try to move forward & middot; take off.

9. Red may is busy visiting, and the performance is more than half hearted.

9. Work together to create a better tomorrow.

10. Service return visit to bid farewell to the old year and make every effort to celebrate the new year.

10. Ready to go and draw wonderful pictures together.

11. Zhou broke zero, increased visits and improved his performance.

11. Elites gather to fly thousands of miles.

12. Win in opening the door, win in the year of the monkey.

12. After six years of spring flowers and autumn fruits, today's Junye is new day by day.

13. Be professional, show your spirit first, meet the quarterly standards, and strive to move forward.

13. We should promote ten years, build dreams and sail far in the new year.

14. Pursue excellence, challenge yourself, go all out and achieve your goals.

14. We should integrate, share and win-win.

15. If you have a dream to discuss, go all out to move forward!

15. We should unite Jiazhang and create brilliance together.

16. Target, I want failure and success!

16. Under, one, roof, under the same roof.

17. Join hands and share the spring flowers.

17. All staff should be united.

18. Comrades, we detonate the universe.

18. Management, science and innovation.

19. To pursue excellence and efficiency.

19. There will be hope in the next second.

20. Champion spirit gives energy, XX stands up and casts brilliance.

20. Look to the future and start again.

21. Sharpen and fusion.

21. I am wonderful, I struggle, I am happy.

22. High tech innovation and rapid development.

22. We should release our ideals and surpass infinity.

23. Your vision determines the future.

23. Increase innovation advantages and create brilliance.

24. Work hard and prosper the enterprise; advocate pragmatism and down-to-earth.

24. Dance brilliantly and shine in the future.

25. Harmony, win-win and development.

25. Be yourself and be yourself.

26. Increase the advantage of innovation and renovate brilliance.

26. Go ahead with intensive cultivation.

27. Integrate ideals and win in the future.

27. In the new year, make concerted efforts to compose a new chapter.

28. Work hard and reap more, and sweat breeds fruit.

28. Live in the world and warm the world.

29. Burn with passion and step into brilliance hand in hand.

29. Work wholeheartedly to connect the past and the future.

30. Strive to be first-class in unity and pragmatism.

30. We are a loving family.

31. Let's participate in the grand event, draw a blueprint and make a new leap.

31. Health, safety in four seasons and good luck every year.

30. High tech innovation and rapid development.

34. Innovate and develop, expand exports, work hard, carry forward the past and forge ahead.

35. Celebrate the new year with lanterns and decorations and make concerted efforts to compose a new chapter.

36. Be professional, show your spirit first, meet the quarterly standards, and strive to move forward.

37. Carry forward the champion spirit and revitalize Beijing.

38. Team leap to revitalize Beijing.

39. An excellent channel for excellence.

40. I undertake, I grow.

41. See the glory of Beijing.

42. Twist it into a rope, do your best, be cruel, and realize a dream.

44. Strive for transcendence, cry out excited tears if you want to cry, and laugh out growing character if you want to laugh. 45. Fashion changes at will.

46. The heart moves at any time.

47. See the record of XX (abbreviation of the company).

48. Create perfection.

32. We should gather in Shencheng and win the world.

33. Work together to create the future.

34. We should bravely embark on a new journey every year.

35. Join hands in the new year and set off for the ideal.

36. Ten years of innovation.

37. Explore the road to success.

38. Thank you for the new year.

39. Sanyang Kaitai.

40, the golden heaven is awesome.

41. We celebrate the annual meeting tonight.

42. Xinchao aviation gathers brilliance.

43. Hold an elite feast and raise the sharpness of swans.

44. Dr. thin sheep.

45. Sincere, United, innovative, efficient and grateful.

46. Universal gravitation.

47. Be elegant, fashionable and healthy.

48. Achieve your ideals and walk with love.

49. Inheritance, innovation and transcendence.

50. One hard work, one harvest.

51. Forge ahead and forge ahead.